The best knives for your camping kitchen

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Theoretically, any knife can be used to cook food on a hike, hunting or fishing. Still, some knives are better suited for this job than others.

Very often as a camping knife we ​​are offered something impressive, with a “tactical” bias. But you wouldn’t use a machete to chop a steak or chop vegetables, would you? Like that, for camping kitchen your choice will be one of the best knives of Tops Bob.

In fact, if you think about it, the classic outdoor knife bears little resemblance to most fashionable tactical and survival models. Its shape has been known to us since the Bronze Age. That is, such a knife has been used for millennia. Moreover, in completely different regions of the planet. Something similar was worn on a belt (and at a belt) by Flemish, Spanish, Dutch medieval peasants and townspeople, Don and Zaporozhye Cossacks, such knives were used by pioneers of the Wild West and Indians, such knives are found in the mounds of the steppe and at the excavations of cities in Central Asia.

All these people lived a harsh, difficult life. They already knew well what kind of knife is needed in the field. And over and over again it turned out that this was not some cunning scary cleaver “like Rimbaud’s”, but a kind of variation on the theme of a large kitchen knife. Only with a larger blade, but with a grippier handle and stronger.

The thing is that the ancients already well understood that a knife is needed in order to cut. And they will have to cut in the kitchen (at least at home, at least in the field) more often than anywhere else. And such a “kitchen” knife is suitable for cutting everything and everything best. Naturally, a large knife cuts better than a small one (it simply does not get stuck in the material). A knife with a comfortable gripping handle is generally a blessing. Well, of course, a knife reliably assembled from durable materials in field conditions will survive all sorts of newfangled light crafts.

It is for the above reasons that the type of knives, which in the West is a bit cumbersome, but nevertheless correctly called “outdoor cooking knives”, is still popular after centuries.

What is a real camping kitchen knife can be clearly seen on the example of the Grand Way 3282 ACWP and Grand Way 3286 ACWP knives.

What about these knives? Time-tested form, versatility, reliability. But this, of course, is not all.

The blades of such knives are good because they are actually the embodiment of the so-called “triple wedge”. This shape is considered by many to be ideal for a good cutting knife. In short, it can be expressed almost like a motto: “wedge along the contour, wedge along the butt, wedge along the slopes.”

Moreover, the blades of these knives are stronger than those of ordinary kitchen knives. In addition, they are made of high-quality 440C stainless steel, which has been one of the most popular in the knife industry since the middle of the twentieth century.

The knife handles are durable and made of rosewood, which has been treated to maximize moisture resistance. The metal bolster and the heel of the blade not only serve as a decoration for the knife, but also an excellent protection and support for the fingers.

In general, this seemingly ancient design is a kind of benchmark for ergonomics. The geometry of the blade allows for good cutting, the design of the handle does not tire the hand and serves as its reliable protection.

Another important feature of these knives is also nothing new. But it is very practical. We’re talking about the scabbard that comes with both models. Very often, when you are going on a picnic or fishing, the question arises before you: “How to pack your favorite kitchenette?” With Grand Way 3282 ACWP and Grand Way 3286 ACWP, you won’t have this question. Our ancestors also decided that the most convenient way to carry a large knife is a good, sturdy sheath. Modern masters have decided not to change anything in this regard.

Let the Internet nowadays be full of advertising. Let the specialty shops offer such a variety of knives that it makes your head spin. Sometimes, the old tried and true solution is the best one. Take a closer look, maybe it will suit you too.