How to clean your makeup and Waterproof mascara naturally?


When you look at long-lasting  eyeshadow and mascara,  waterproof mascara and the waterproof Best drugstore eyeshadow palettes and waterproof mascara is the best option, but it is equally difficult to remove.

It can prove to be frustrating to remove the waterproof mascara from those beautiful bountiful lashes, leaving you with sad, sticky, irritated eyes. It takes days to recover your bristle-like lashes, and no amount of scrubbing, rubbing or regular eye makeup remover does the job.

But never fear: with the right items and the correct procedure, removal without headache is possible. Appropriate treatment of your eyes and all their dreamy attributes, whether they are waterproof or not, will have you batting those lashes with abandon.

Baby shampoo

Baby shampoo is formulated for delicate baby skin, making perfect sense in its application for makeup removal around a sensitive area such as the eye. It is also “tear-free,” which typically means it is free of soap and other potentially irritating substances found in traditional shampoos and body soaps. Surfactants, which are standard compounds applied to detergents and washing agents, are used rather than soap.

Sounds industrial, but in a nutshell, from wherever they cling to, they expel the dirt and oils, allowing them to be washed away. Less is more: baby shampoo can be applied to your mascara laden lashes in limited amounts with a damp cotton ball, and removed with a wet rag. An extra plus is that for this reason, an inexpensive bottle of baby shampoo can last you quite some time.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is now infamous for its natural beauty applications. The elimination of lipstick, and eye makeup no less, is one great use. Use a cotton ball to add coconut oil to your lashes and around the eyes, and brush away the excess with a cotton swab from the lash line.

It is not only effective at removing waterproof makeup; both the lashes and the delicate skin around the eye have a nourishing effect. Coconut oil is naturally antimicrobial as an added bonus, reducing the risk of contamination from makeup products that have lasted for a little too long. If your cabinet does not have coconut oil readily available, search for the olive oil bottle in the pantry.

Cold cream

All your makeup, including waterproof mascara, can be expertly removed by this timeless go-to. Cold cream is simply a mineral oil, wax, and water emulsion. The cold cream process transforms it into a soap base that quickly removes makeup, while the mineral oil helps to maintain moisture on your skin.

With the tip of your finger, add a tiny amount of cold cream to your eyes and rub it over your lids and lashes. With a soft wet cloth, wash the cold cream and the unwanted mascara away.

Use a gentle wash like the Advanced Purifying Cleanser after wiping away the mascara and other eye makeup to get rid of any residue or oils that might be left behind, and, if necessary, proceed with a moisturizer and an eye cream.

Your eyes and lashes will thank you for properly removing the mascara. No more rubbing the raw eyelids trying to get rid of raccoon eyes, since constant rubbing can lead to inflammation of the skin and premature wrinkles. It will ensure your lashes live another day by using products that nourish and condition the lashes while gently removing mascara.


For delicate, dry skin and lip that treats wounds, burns and is the perfect remedy, Vaseline encourages more natural beauty and is a household name. Petroleum jelly is a mixture of various waxes and mineral oil which, at body temperature and skin moisture, melts. Vaseline uses a paste that includes cocoa butter on the skin that works like a magic wand. With this Vaseline, you can remove makeup from the skin in a very pleasant way.

You can lightly massage your eyes with Vaseline with your fingers. For some time, waterproof eye make-up will come up very easily. Then wipe the eyelids and under the eyes well with baby cotton buds.

Baby oil

In a large variety of conditions, including the removal of waterproof mascara, baby oil is useful. Although this is an efficient way to remove waterproof mascara, you need to be careful because it contains oil that can damage your skin. Take a cotton ball with a little bit of baby oil on it to get started and put it on the bottom of your eyelashes and gently wipe your eyelashes in one direction without tugging. You may also use baby shampoo to remove waterproof mascara as an alternative, just make sure you do not damage your eyes by using the no tear formula.