Hair Care Routine to Follow for Hair Growth


A well-planned Hair Care Routine to Follow for Hair Growth is just as essential as a strict workout regimen. Our hair begins to thin as we get older; pollution and stress are two other factors that could cause irreversible damage to our hair. As a result, prevention is preferable to cure. However, hair loss and itchiness can be symptoms of an underlying illness.

How Do One’s Determine Your Hair Type?

One can’t create an effective Hair Care Routine to Follow for Hair Growth unless one knows what kind of hair they have. Recognizing the texture, density, and level of oiliness of the hair can assist one in selecting specific hair care and styling products for your tresses. Ensure you are not engaging in any intense physical activity that will cause your scalp to be profusely sweating during the testing. Allow your hair to rest for 8-10 hours after washing it, which is enough time for the oil to accumulate in your hair. Ones have moderate oily hair if there is a slight hint of oil.

If the tissue feels dry when pushed gently against a few parts of one hair but oily when kept pressing against others, one’s combination hair. There is another straightforward method for determining your hair density. Check how much face and neck one can see on the throne of your hair by parting it in the middle. One has long hair if there is an excellent line in the centre. If one sees a few really scalp, it is moderate; when one sees a lot of scalps, it is evident that one has thin hair.

What can one do to maintain the hair?

  • Shampoo

One of the most essential stages in maintaining healthy hair is to keep it clean. Regardless of your hair type, one must ensure that it is properly washed with shampoo and kept clean. A pre-shampooing routine is also essential for maintaining the shine and moisture of your hair. The frequency with which one washs your hair is determined by the type of hair one has. Never wash your hair with hot water because it can strip your hair regularly of oils, resulting in parched as well as dull hair.

  • Conditioner

Brushing your hair with a great shampoo is essential, but just a conditioner is more essential for hair health. A compressor can help add moisture to your hair while also adding shine. After one has washed your hair, apply conditioner towards the top of the hair as well as rinse it in a few minutes.

  • Massage with Oil

Regardless of your hair type, the first thing one’s should add to one regular Hair Care Routine to Follow for Hair Growth is an oil complementary therapy or a pre-shampooing regimen. Gently rub your scalp and hair with coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil, or another oil. This will increase blood circulation while also providing some moisture to your hair. Gently rub the oil into your hair & leave it on for at least an hour or overnight prior to having to wash it with a gentle cleanser. 


A daily regimen is just as essential as a daily skincare regime for keeping healthy hair. A Hair Care Routine for Hair Growth insists on much more than a few conventional hair products.