Fixed Blade Knives – Tough Weapons for Harder Tasks


The fixed blade knives are knives that feature a hardened blade attached tightly on top of the handle. Contrary to the folding knives, these knives cannot be folded, and that is what makes them tough and ideal for tougher things.

Knife of any sort plays an important role in our daily life. They are used indoors for a variety of things, and likewise, they are used outdoors for many tasks. The weapon is not new either; it has been in use for a long time now. Early people used the weapon for hunting and cutting purposes.

In the contemporary world of today, it is important that one remains equipped with the right type of weapon. People today also look out for weapons that look good to the eye; that is, the weapons must be styled and shaped in a way that makes them look unique. Let us discover more about the weapon.

Variants of the Fixed Blade Knives for Sale

The variants of the Fixed Blade Knives for sale out there are sure to impress you. They have appealing looks, multiple features, and much more.

  • Tactical Fixed Blade Knives

The tactical fixed blade knives are tactical weapons that are the best for tasks that require you to be tactful to accomplish them. When being tactful, you might even need the help of arms, and that is where these knives prove to be your best companions, and you get to complete your task smoothly.

  • Fixed Blade Hunting Knives

The collection of the fixed blade hunting knives is solely created for hunters. The knives in this collection have sturdy blades that make hunting a breeze, and they have smooth handle grips that do not let the knife slip and provide for greater control over the weapon. Adding one to the backpack before you go hunting will be a good idea.

  • Fixed Blade Survival Knives

The fixed blade survival knives are knives that are loved and are popular among outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy staying in the wilds. That is because they help you survive for long in tough conditions by assisting you in making your way, by cutting things for fire, by setting up your camp, and even for eating.  If you plan on camping in the wilds, carry these along and see the magic. 

  • Cool Fixed Blade Knives

The cool fixed blade knives collection consists of specially designed and customized weapons. The knives in this collection may have unique blades like the karambit knife, which has a curved blade, or they might have colors that are a pleasant sight to watch, such as the rainbow knife. The weapons also have stylish handles such as the bar bottle knives. 

  • Professional Knives

Professional knives are attributed to different professions. You may find police and military knives that top the list of self-defense weapons. You also may find firefighter knives that are the best in rescuing people out of danger. The professional weapons give you the feel of what it is like to carry and use the weapon.

  • Branded Knives

Any collection of knives without branded items is incomplete, and just so, you get to find branded weapons that are offered by popular brands. You will find MTech, elk ridge, Gerber fixed blade knives, and many more. The branded weapons are reliable and durable weapons as they do not break, nor do their blades get damaged. The guard and handle of the weapons are also made up of top quality materials.

What is the Best Fixed blade knife for EDC?

EDC stands for everyday carry. And there are knives that are called EDC knives which are knives that are practical and functional and are meant for everyday use. The best knife for the motive of EDC from the collection above is the karambit weapon. It is special because it is a curved blade that excels in performance than all other knives listed above.

Uses of the Fixed Blades

The fixed blades have a couple of interesting uses as well. The variety of ways to use the weapon makes them even more special as with a single weapon, and you get to do more than you can think of.

For the purpose of safety, the weapon is the best because of its tightly fixed blade on top. It can easily cut out the flesh of your opponent and can give you an upper hand in the brawl. Although you cannot carry the weapon outdoors like you carry the folding knife, however, you can keep it in your backpack or can keep it home for safety purposes.

The fixed blades are also best for hunting. That is because when you plan on hunting, you need to have weapons that can make the job easier for you. Folding knives won’t help as when you are reaching out to attack, their blades may fold, and you may not get your target. That is where the fixed blades come into play that cannot be folded and can get you your target in one go.

Best Fixed Blade Knives Collection

For the purpose of the collection again, the fixed blades prove to be the best. That is because the knives are a weapon that has been in use ever since the first person arrived on earth. With time, the weapon has transformed to quite an extent. The historical connections the knife has and the modern fresh looks they have now made it an item worth collecting. Anyone that sees them will surely be amazed. You can place them on a display stand or can hang them on a wall.

Apart from the above-listed uses, the fixed blades can also be used as props while shooting a movie scene or for your cosplay parties. You can use these weapons instead of real weapons as they are way cheaper and give the exact feel of a real weapon. Your watchers will feel as if you are having a real knife. The same goes for the cosplay event where people around will think you are carrying a real weapon. 

Buy Cheap Fixed Blade Knives Today

Now that you have all the main information regarding the fixed blades, their types, and usage, let us now build upon your knowledge by giving you details of the pricing of the knives. This may leave you jumping in joy as the fact of the time is that the weapons are available at very low prices.

The cheap fixed blade knives can be bought for gifting, for collection, or for your own use. If you want, you can also obtain the wholesale fixed blade knives in bulk if you want to sell them for higher prices at your end, as you will be getting them for lower. Whatever you go for, the knives will prove beneficial.

For your and every passionate person ease, the weapon is available nationwide at different weapon stores like Knife Import and so on. You can either go in physically and can buy them or can have the store deliver the weapon to you. You will likely have the best weapon in hand after going through this guide. Check out the fixed blade knives available and buy yours today.