How to start business without No money


If you are among the entrepreneur blogs who are in search of starting a business of your own, then you need proper strategy and creativity for starting a business. But, the path of starting a business is not so easy; the whole path is covered with hurdles which can motivate you. You don’t need to get demotivated! If you want to start the best business blogs for yourself then you should be ready for every hurdle.

Main hurdle which comes before starting a business is money which many people don’t have. It’s not like that only with money you can start a business, there are many latest business trends which can be started without money. Not in offline mode but there are many options for online business blogs which can be started without money.

Are you ready to know about these best small business blogs which can be started without money? Read further to find about these business ideas.

1.Content provider business

If you are interested and experienced in the field of writing then you can become a content writer and offer your services at a particular price. This business can be started without any money. You just need to make your profile on some freelancing sites so that your services can be showcased to clients and you can be hired. You can build your reputation by enhancing your skills.

2.Personal creations business

If you are a painter and want to sell your arts, then it would be a great option for starting your own business. Various platforms are there which helps you to sell your creations. You just need to upload your creations on these platforms and it would be easy to earn profit from work.

3.In home services business

Services don’t cost any money as they are intangible goods. If you work in a neighborhood then you would not need any headquarters for your business. You can offer various in-home services like babysitting, pet sitting, etc.

4.Repair business

If you are a carpenter and skilled in this field then you can offer your services to those who don’t know much about this field. If you have skills then why not use it? You don’t have to invest in anything except for tools which you need for this job.

5.Resale business

If you want to do this business you need to gather products and sell them to other people. With the method of dropshipping you can gather goods. If you use the method of drop shipping then it would not cost any money. And at the end you will end up with more money.

6.Consulting business

Consulting is a type of business which costs only time to produce, but is a very valuable opportunity for a career. Many people want to become entrepreneurs, so they search for a consultant who can guide them.

7.Micropreneurship business

You can also put together your small business with the help of micropreneurship and shared economy opportunities. For instance, you can do business for an uber company. Once the business is started and flourished your lack of startup capital will not be a problem anymore. You can dig out the profits from your business and can reinvest it, or can use the revenue to start a much more big business.

8.Association manager business

Nowadays people are indulging into professional groups or community associations. Problem with these groups is that they need a lot of maintenance work. You can create protocols and templates, and can easily manage these groups. You need to be skilled in creating these things.

9.Property manager business

Property managers help the landlords to maintain their real estate. Responsibilities vary from time to time like receiving calls from tenants and doing arrangements on your own. You can offer to show apartments if you want to make this business full-time. This type of business is also one of the best small business ideas in Kerala.

10.Sports teaching business

If you are experienced in the field of sports then you can teach others how to play various sports. You can teach local youth as parents always look for entertaining purposes for their child. So they hire a coach expert in sports.

11.Blogging business

If you are skilled or have interest in this field then it can be proven as a very great option to start your own business online. You can start your blog for free; you can even create your own website and go for self-hosting at low cost. You should provide unique and informational content which people would love to read.

12.Information products business

When you are connected with an internet connection, then you don’t need to sell products physically. You can do it through online mode. This field is one of the easiest and quickest ways to make money.

13.Affiliate marketing business

In this field you need to pick up a particular niche and have to find customers belonging to that niche. You can offer products for sale like on blogs or websites. It’s a great option to start a business without money. Various platforms are there where you can start as a affiliate marketer like Amazon, etc.

So, love these ideas for starting your business. If yes, then what are you waiting for? Choose one of them and accomplish your dreams, because dreams are important and in that way you can become independent.


Fortunately, now you must have realized that some business does not require any money. You just need to learn what types of business is fit for you. According to your interest, head towards the business idea. These are some of the business blogs India which you can choose for according to your choice.

Don’t get demotivated if you are not having enough money for starting your own business. Many options are presented in this article which gives you the opportunity to start your own business without any money. So, go with any one of them.