How Display Boxes are Helpful for the Sellers?


Have you ever wondered how this word would have been without packaging boxes? Packaging has brought convenience and comfort to us. We no longer can live without the technology that we use every day.

The same goes for packaging cases. Have you ever wondered how we would manage our merchandise and store them without using any case? It might not be possible to do so.

The reason is that when we wish to arrange something, we look for a specific vessel. For example, we use book racks to organize our records, notes, or magazines. Otherwise, we would lose our precious books.

  • Without our packaging boxes, we would not be able to arrange our merchandise.
  • We could not possibly ship a large mass of products.
  • We could not protect our products without packaging boxes.

But packaging boxes are not only getting used for packing purposes. Some packaging boxes get used to represent the product professionally. Such a packing box gets used to increase sales.

What are the display packaging boxes?

These are the type of packaging boxes that get used to showcase the products. These boxes can almost get used at any shop or mall. There is the type of display packaging box that gets used for different nature of products.

How to manufacture display packaging boxes?

WE can manufacture our packaging boxes with cardboard or corrugated boxes. Both of these materials are sturdy and firm. Other than that, we can also use paperboards.

Display boxes such as a countertop mostly gets manufactured with cardboard. And the floor displays get manufactured with corrugated sheets.

Cardboard packaging boxes get manufactured by pressing the sheets of paperboard together. And cardboard packaging boxes have layers of sheets. It makes the corrugated box more sturdy and firm.

Whether you use cardboard or corrugated sheets, both of these are known for their light-weight nature. They are firm, customizable, printable, budget-conscious, and alluring.

Cardboard and corrugated packaging boxes are also used for shipping purposes. It can bear the external pressure and can protect the product from any harm.

Types of Display Packaging Boxes:

Each product has a different shape, size, nature, taste, and dimension. It also needs different levels of protection. The same goes for their representation. Some products are small size, and hence the display is of smaller size and vice versa. Here are some types of displays and why we need them.

1) Countertop display packaging boxes:

These are the packaging boxes that get placed on the counters. These package boxes are of small size and hold smaller products such as chapstick, chocolate, and candies.

It gets manufactured with cardboard or paperboard. This packaging box is helpful for the retailer as it keeps the products in place. If you use these packaging cases, you do not have to worry about your product getting scattered all over the counter. It keeps your counter safe, arranged, and clean. Other than that, the customers prefer to purchase a product from the counter before leaving the store. In this way, your sales increase. You can also use them to showcase your newly-arrived products.

2) Floor display packaging boxes:

These packaging cases get used to showcase products of a larger dimension. It gets placed on the floor and is firm. These packaging cases often get manufactured with corrugated sheets. In this way, it can bear the weight of the product placed on it. It also gets manufactured with contrasting colors and themes.

It represents the product professionally and is often used in malls. You can customize it with your brand’s logo and slogan. Other than that, you can also customize it with a different design, theme, and pattern.

3) End Caps:

An endcap is larger and gets placed on the end of an aisle. These packaging cases are famous for their unique appearance and distinctive image.

They get manufactured with a firm material and customized accordingly. Most of the retailers prefer to imprint the exclusive deals onto the end caps. In this way, when customers see the sales, they get attracted to them and purchase the product eventually.

4) Power wings display packaging boxes:

Power wings are the packaging case that gets attached to endcaps, shelf, counter, or fixtures. Make sure that wherever you hang the power wing, it gets seen by customers. Otherwise, if the customer does not remark the case, how would he notice the product and purchase it.

These packaging cases are also known as sidekicks. These packaging cases also get manufactured and get imprinted with eye-catching statements about the products. In this way, retailers try to increase their sales and attract customers.

How display packaging boxes boost our sales?

Packaging cases cannot boost our sales if they look ordinary. We prefer to purchase the products that serve the looks. You must have wondered why we need an extra case to showcase our packaging box. The reason is that it tells the customers about the unique feature of the product.

And due to its unique design, it can attract the customer without any effort.

Now, the question is how to customize our packaging cases charmingly? WE are going to mention some printing techniques that can give a distinctive appearance to our packaging cases.

1) Screen Printing:

This printing method can give a smooth appearance to our packaging cases.

How does this method work?

In this technique, we use ink and smear it all around the surface. The ink that we use is of low-viscosity. In this way, it becomes easy to spread it all over the printable facade.

But we would also need to control the flow of ink to get a precise design. For such purposes, we can use blocking equipment. And in the end, we can imprint a definite design onto the packaging case.

2) Digital Printing:

This method is known for its budget-conscious nature and quick print. We would only need to have an electronic file and can imprint that design onto the surface.

3) Engraving and Embossing:

These methods mostly get used for customization of the brand’s logo and slogan. On the display boxes, mostly the motto of the company gets highlighted. It is a way of advertising your brand.

3) Lamination:

You can laminate your packaging cases with matte and gloss lamination. It protects the packaging case and extends its life. In this way, the display packaging can survive for a longer time, and you can get rid of extra expenses.

How display packaging cases prove to be Helpful for the Sellers?

Displays play a vital role in the mall and the life of a retailer. These packaging cases can improve our sales and impose a positive impression on the customers.

We can advertise our brand using display packaging boxes. By keeping the above factors in mind, we can imagine how boxes are playing a vital role in the market.