The car accessories you need to add in your trunk during winter  



Winter is the most fascinating time of the year, unfortunately, your car doesn’t enjoy it. Your car will witness every natural calamity and be beaten up by it. But the key to ensure a good life of your vehicle is by investing in the right winter car accessories. You can’t control the weather but you can manage your tour and car by carrying the right winter car accessoriesalong with you. So, before you pack your bag and leave, don’t forget to take the following accessories.



  1. Ice scraper

Carry an ice scraper along with you wherever you go during winters. An ice scraper for the car is a handle that easily removes the snow and also helps to wipe the fog that is formed because of it. The ice scraper cleans the windows of the car very neatly and it comes in various shapes and colors. So you can choose the one that meets your preferences and matches the color of your car.

  1. Shovel

Just like the hammer digs and removes the mud, similarly shovel digs and removes the snow. While driving if your car gets stuck into a snow pile or a puddle, then you can use the shovel to clear the path. For this, you do not have to buy or carry a full-sized shovel with you. Buy the one that is compact, foldable and requires minimum space to fit in. The shovel is not tough to find, you can get it easily from any of the nearby departmental stores.

  1. Remote starter

Carry a remote starter for a car that automatically starts the engine of your car and makes it easy for you to enter. Due to the cold weather, the doors get jam and difficult to open. The remote starter does it automatically and makes it easier.

Many car companies give it to their buyers naturally. If you don’t have one then you can get it designed for your car.

  1. Portable phone charger

Don’t forget to carry a phone charger along with you. While road-tripping there are high chances that you use the map feature to navigate your route. The more you use it, the quicker the phone runs out of battery. So, it is necessary to carry a portable phone charger in your car, to recharge your phone whenever you want to use it.

  1. First aid kit and tool kit

Terrible instances like accidents or injuries are unexpected, but to control it, safety is necessary. When you are road-tripping, there are chances of tire burst, car battery running out, or headlights not functioning properly. If you face such a situation in a remote location where there is no nearby garage or mechanic, then you’ll be stuck.  For instances like this, you should always carry a toolkit with the proper equipment to repair your car.

You should carry a first aid kit equipped with cotton, ointment or a tube that gives relief if you have got any scars and prevent it from getting worse.

  1. Hazard triangles

The hazard triangles also fall under the category of necessary equipment. As mentioned above, terrible circumstances might appear, and you will have to put efforts into removing it. For this, you need to put your car aside, and place hazard triangles on all the four sides of it. This will give a signal to the cars behind, that the parked car is being repaired and should be given a clear path.

  1. Flashlight

A flashlight can signal the passing vehicles in the dark and also provide assistance to the passers-by at night.

  1. Gas can

Running out of gas especially during winters it is troublesome. So, it is better to carry a fully loaded gas tank with a capacity of over a gallon which will be enough for you to travel long trips and get it refilled whenever you run out of it or it gets over.

Lastly, do not forget to carry acar cover for winterto cover your car anytime you want or need to.

Thus, you should take all these accessories and put them in your car to have an unforgettable and flexible road trip experience, that doesn’t cause any problem and gives you a memorable experience.