What Social Media Rules We Should Introduce at Home?


Social media is a platform where you talk with your friends, but a user shares real-life experiences or events here. People make a new family on social networking sites and get connected with the people worldwide.

Adults read the news and know-how fake online friends can harm them, but our grooming kids do not understand this. They join social media at an early age and get in touch with strangers. Parents can introduce some rules but make sure what they do with the mobile tracker.

Let’s Have A Look at the Connection Between Teens and The Social Media. 

1 – 65% Of Teens Use Social Media in Excess.

2 – The Most Common Users of Tik Tok Are Teens (Age 13-24).

3 – Teens Use Social Media for More Than 7 Hours.

4 – 97% Teens Use Social Media Platforms, Including Facebook, Instagram, Etc.

5 – Only 14% Grooming Kid Use Social Networking Sites for Less Than 4 Hours.

Above statistic makes it imperative to introduce some social media rules at home.

Don’t you think?

Let’s Read Our Next Section to Learn What Rules You Should Introduce. 


1 – Post Only Appropriate Photos or Videos 

Teens have no idea what’s going on in the digital world. They share their personal photos or videos on social media to get some likes without thinking about the consequences. Sexual predators often take advantage, and hence, it leads to blackmailing.

2 – Fixed Time for Social Media Usage 

The more time kids spend on social media, the more they explore. Parents should set the time for grooming kids. It does affect not only mental health but also physical health issues, including blur vision, neck problem, etc.

3 – Teens Must Let the Parents to Be in the Friend List 

How do you know what your kids share on social media?

Ask them to add you in the friend list or accept the following request. It will let you know what they share online and how much guidance they need to be a good social citizen.

4 – Share Only Limited Information with Online Friends 

Grooming kids do not understand the tricks and share everything with online friends. Not every online friend is real!

They can get into trouble by sharing personal information. Too much online sharing often leads to kidnapping and abduction.

5 – Follow Only the Appropriate Pages 

Teens do what they see around them. They often follow the pages where the inappropriate content is only one click away. Parents should ensure what pages their kids follow on social media.


1 – Never Reveal the Home Address or Institute Name

2 – Never Trust Every Online Friend

3 – Never Share Personal Insecurities on Social Media

4 – Never Send Personal Photos to Anyone

5 – Never Go Online with Public Profile 

Is There A Better Way to Check What Kids Do on Social Media?

Yes, we have come with the best solution, that is a mobile tracker.

Our new generation shares personal stuff online and goes outside to meet them in person. They have no idea how much dangerous it is to meet someone from the online world. That’s why we are here to introduce Phone tracking app that will help you to check what your kid does on social networking sites.

How Mobile Tracker Helps?

Parents need to install the app on the target phone. After the installation, they can capture their screen without kids knowing.

Isn’t it an amazing feature?

Such spy tools give remote access to the end-user and allow to track GPS location.

But Only Location?

No, the end-user can do a lot:

1 – Spy on Camera

2 – Lock the Screen

3 – Access to Videos and Photos

4 – Read Text-Messages

5 – Access to social media profiles

6 – Block the unwanted contacts

7 – Restrict the access of inappropriate pages or sites

8 – Record Phone Calls

9 – Geo-fencing

10 – Microphone surrounding

11 – Set the Fixed Time

And Many More!

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