Knife Features – Are Spring Assisted Knives Automatic


We have all relied on knives to make our lives easier even if not on a daily. While it might seem strange but there are so many varieties of blades available that each works differently. We are all well-acquainted with the knives that are in our kitchen, but other blades are also available. If you haven’t had the chance to use a folding knife, then spring assisted knives are the most impressive. They are faster to work with and super easy to handle when you are on the move or handling a project on your own. Are spring assisted knives automatic is an assumption that has floated around for a long time? While they do have a folding system that releases the blade quickly, they aren’t exactly automatic. The mechanics of a spring assisted knife has a spring loaded blade, which is flipped with a switch.

When you look at the inner working of spring assisted knives, you can understand their structure. Their blades are folded into the handle of the knife to keep it safe. And spring is placed in the handle that holds it in place until pushed out. A small lever or button helps release the blade and click it open, which might give the impression that it’s automatic. 

The Difference Between Manual Folding Knife And Spring Knife 

Even though the mechanism has been explained already, each knife has a varying function. You can use the general folding knives as convenient tools when you are up and about. They are meant for comfortable use and portability so you don’t need to worry about safety. Any knife that has a blade embedded into the handle can provide a safer working environment. But manual folding knives also require both hands to pry the blade open. You can accidentally cut yourself if you don’t know how to open it properly. On the other hand, they are only opened when you want them to be. 

Spring assisted knives are definitely the swifter and more efficient version of the opening knife. They have a button to push the blade open in a jiffy and get your work done. The slight concern is that if someone pushes the button by mistake they can also hurt themselves badly. But the good thing about spring knives is that they require one hand to flip open. And due to the spring system, these knives are very useful for emergencies and life-threatening situations. Feature-wise, there is only a major difference of mechanism in both pocket knives.

The Advantages and Uses of Spring Assisted Pocket Knives 

If you have not had the opportunity to use a spring knife in any way, you might want to start now. Even if you don’t think you need one, it might surprise you to find out how handy they really can be. The best thing is that no matter what kind of task you try to accomplish, you will find something to do. Who doesn’t require a blade here and there once in a while? And here just some examples of how they can be of use to you. 

  • When it comes to basic kitchen work, knives are of course indispensable tools. They can cut, chop, slice all kinds of foods. On top of that, if you use a spring knife, it often comes with a bottle and can openers which you can keep in your kitchen. You can get at least three tools in one thing without having to keep track or store them all. 
  • One of the most impressive things about the spring knife is that it can be so many tools at once. You can use a single blade in a variety of ways without carrying multiple things with you. A spring knife is a good screwdriver, wire cutter, and mechanical tool for electrician work. They can also come in handy when you are fixing your car to scrape off the rust and fix faulty wires.
  • In DIY and crafts projects, there is always some kind of use for a blade. Spring knives are easy to handle and sharp enough to cut different materials like paper, ribbons, etc. They can also be used for sculpting and painting if you know how to utilize the blade well. 
  • In outdoor activities like camping, spring knives are an invaluable part of your trip. You can’t sustain yourself unless you have a way to source food and other supplies. Spring knives can help you forage for fruit and herbs and make kindling for a campfire. They are also very useful for cutting rope to make hammocks or prop up tents to stay sheltered. 
  • There are also some extreme outdoor activities like hunting and survival training that use knives. In survival training, a good spring knife can be a godsend for sourcing food and making shelters. You can also fend off wild animals and make your way through vines and brambles in the wild. While hunting, a good knife is essential to take care of the hunted game. You can use a good spring knife to take care of the butchering, skinning, and cutting when you cook your hunt. 
  • The best use of any spring loaded pocket knife is for self-defense and rescue missions. Since it opens instantly and has a sharp blade it provides instant assistance. If you are in danger, you can whip out the knife to scare off or confront your attacker. In an emergency, spring knives are useful for firefighters and medics to take care of casualties and rescue hurt people.

Where to Find The Best Spring Assisted Pocket Knife

Knives are readily available in every local supermarket or at weapon suppliers, the deal is the variety. Spring assisted knives to have such diverse and unique designs with something new in every piece. While you can get your hands on a few of those blades, for real variety, try online knife stores. PA Knives is one of those stores that have an endless list of awesome knives for sale. What’s more, they specialize in setting wholesale knives at half the market price you’d get. So you’d be saving money and having a larger pool of blades to choose from.