Significant Tips to Think Of When Hiring an Education Catering Company


Are you considering hiring an education catering company? This is because you want to get helped with the drinks and food for the coming big event. Since it’s going to be an educational event, you’d like to keep these significant tips below when hiring an education catering company. 

Service Style

The event style and the guest count will create a huge impact on the catering support needed for a school. Think about the staffing level needed. The full-serving education catering company can provide a range of menu choices. They will also offer expert recommendations regarding the service type given the style, size, and timing of the event. 

Whether you’re after a self-serve buffet, or an interactive action station, an education catering company must have the experience and expertise in delivering a service and menu complementing the occasion. You may like it by hiring an education catering company with the round-out of the menu for the casual dinner party. The catering team must help cut down on the preparation time. They must also alleviate the stress as they provide sides, salads, appetizers, and desserts accompanying the main meal.


Ensure the preferred education catering company is there for the given event date. The event planners and catering professionals book up their months in advance. This is true when in a busy summer season. Thus, it is essential to plan ahead upon engaging with an education catering service. Get the date reserved with a caterer the early time possible. This will help in avoiding disappointment. Nonetheless, cancellations can also occur. It pays off asking if you need catering by the last minute. 


In all these, the pricing makes sense in considering in mind. It is something that you must discuss during the education catering meeting. This will help determine if the event expectations complement well with the budget. The costs can also add up immediately, particularly in huge-scale events such as weddings. Thus, it makes sense to be upfront regarding finances. Create a budget for catering ahead of time.

This will help manage the expenses and keep them under control. The education catering will be there with you designing the menu that falls withinyour budget. This is also while you consider extra expenses like rentals and staffing. Customers will likewise be offered specific proposals considering the first meeting. This will outline the ideal menu for the event with the estimated budget breakdown. This will also highlight the taxes, gratuities, rentals, staffing, and food costs. 


It must be a collaborative and fun process determining the delicious details in a menu for an educational catering event. For one, you seek the help of hospitality experts so they become more open with menu suggestions. They must be allowed to offer advice on what will not work and what will work for the event. Ask the education catering company about the way they handle and manage the guests considering food allergies and dietary restrictions. Ensure to get a clear understanding regarding cut-off dates for possible menu modifications and changes. Never forget it discusses the beverage service and the way they are involved or not. You must have a reliable education catering company to hire to provide and serve drinks.

More than that, they must offer vegetarian options ensuring non-meat lovers will enjoy their delicious meals. Dairy and meat-free choices would be so popular and nobody will for sure be left out. Allergen information must likewise be provided. Each dish must likewise be labeled as needed. Keep gluten, dairy, and nut allergies in mind. It will help if guests will be provided with information regarding their concerns or questions. 

Additional Charges

Additional charges may be emphasized by the education catering company for the setup, delivery, and decorations. Get the policy and full price beforehand. This way, you will get stuck on a huge bill. It won’t hurt to ask the education catering if they offer discounts for your school.

The License in Serving Alcoholic Beverages

Catering services serving liquor may be required by some specific locations. So, ask them if they have a liquor license before they are serving drinks. It will depend much on the event which could break a deal. If they cannot serve alcohol, you better ask what beverages could they offer. 

Food Safety

Make sure that all seafood and meats are cooked by the education catering company in temperatures past 325 degrees Fahrenheit. Make sure the items are kept cool inside the storage space for 40 degrees Fahrenheit or below. Keep both the interior and exterior thermometers around so that foods are kept outside the danger zones. This can fall between forty and one-hundred forty degrees Fahrenheit. This is true as left out for the people serving themselves. 

Ensure that cross-contamination will be avoided by the education catering company. Various cutting boards must thereby be used upon handling cooked food, raw food, and fresh produce. The kitchen utensils must also be washed right after every use with soapy water. This will ensure everyone on the staff constantly wash their hands. 

Good Presentation

The education catering company to hire must have a good presentation that stands out considering the placement of colors. They must pop on every dish which could be in flowers, herbs, sprinkles, or nuts. This additional touch will make the food more appetizing and appealing. Moreover, the same is true when considering the venue. The addition of decorative elements in the venue matching the time, theme, and setting of the year would go a long way. This will create an inviting and fun atmosphere for every guest. 

Other Services Provided

Ask more about the education catering company if they have other services provided. These can include the lighting, flowers, decorations, and rentals. This will allow you to know the events the catering service provider will handle. You will know more about the additional features they offer making a successful event possible.

Keep these significant tips in mind when hiring an education catering company to serve your educational catering needs!