Unveiling the Top Tree Service Companies in Saint Louis


Maintaining the health and beauty of trees in Saint Louis is a task that demands expertise, precision, and dedication. When it comes to caring for the trees that grace the city’s streets, parks, and residential areas, entrusting the job to a reliable and skilled tree service company is paramount. With an abundance of options available, discerning the best among them can be overwhelming. To ease your quest for top-notch tree care, here’s a curated list of the leading tree service companies in Saint Louis.

1. Davey Tree Expert Company

Davey Tree Expert Company has established itself as a premier provider of tree services nationwide. With a strong presence in Saint Louis affordable tree service near me, this company offers a comprehensive range of services including tree pruning, removal, disease management, and consultations. Their certified arborists and commitment to sustainable practices make them a top choice for tree care.

2. Forest Keepers Tree Care

Forest Keepers Tree Care stands out for its dedication to preserving and nurturing trees. Their services encompass everything from tree trimming and pruning to stump grinding and cabling. What sets them apart is their emphasis on eco-friendly practices and a deep understanding of local flora, ensuring the best care for Saint Louis trees.

3. Jackson Tree Service

Jackson Tree Service boasts a team of experienced professionals adept at handling all aspects of tree care. From routine maintenance to emergency tree removal, they offer a wide array of services with a focus on safety and efficiency. Their commitment to customer satisfaction has garnered them a stellar reputation in the region.

4. Hansen’s Tree Service

Hansen’s Tree Service is known for its holistic approach to tree care. Their services encompass tree pruning, removal, planting, and disease management. What makes them stand out is their commitment to education and community outreach, empowering residents with knowledge about proper tree care practices.

5. AAA Tree Service

AAA Tree Service has been a trusted name in Saint Louis for years, offering reliable tree care solutions. Their services include tree trimming, removal, stump grinding, and emergency storm damage cleanup. Their skilled team and commitment to safety make them a go-to choice for many homeowners and businesses.

6. Timberline Tree Service

Timberline Tree Service is renowned for its professionalism and expertise in handling tree-related tasks. Their services range from routine pruning and shaping to tree removal and land clearing. They are known for their prompt response to service requests and their meticulous approach to every job.

7. Top Notch Tree Care

Top Notch Tree Care lives up to its name by providing exceptional tree care services. Their offerings include tree trimming, removal, stump grinding, and tree health evaluations. Their attention to detail and customer-centric approach have earned them a loyal clientele in Saint Louis.

8. St. Louis Tree Service

St. Louis Tree Service prides itself on its commitment to quality workmanship and customer satisfaction. Their services cover tree removal, pruning, and stump removal, delivered with a focus on safety and precision. They are known for their professionalism and transparent communication throughout the service process.

9. Bartlett Tree Experts

Bartlett Tree Experts bring decades of experience and expertise to the table. Their certified arborists provide a range of services including tree pruning, pest management, and tree inventory assessments. Their scientific approach to tree care ensures tailored solutions for each tree’s specific needs.

10. Precision Tree Service

Precision Tree Service is known for its skilled team and attention to detail. Their services encompass tree trimming, removal, stump grinding, and tree health assessments. Their commitment to delivering high-quality service and maintaining competitive pricing makes them a reliable choice for tree care needs.


Choosing the right tree service company is crucial for maintaining the health and beauty of the trees that grace Saint Louis. Each of these top tree service companies brings its unique expertise, commitment to excellence, and dedication to preserving the city’s greenery. Whether it’s routine maintenance, emergency services, or specialized care, these companies stand out for their professionalism, reliability, and passion for tree care. When it comes to ensuring the well-being of the trees in Saint Louis, entrusting the job to one of these reputable companies can make all the difference.