12 best kitchen renovation trends in 2021

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Do you feel your kitchen needs some renovation? If yes, then before getting started, you must be aware of some of the best current kitchen renovation trends that will give a new look to your kitchen. We can say that 2021 has brought some significant kitchen trends.

These kitchen trends come with some cool and innovative ideas that will give your old and boring kitchen a creative twist. You must update your kitchen with the latest renovation trends that outlast their time in the spotlight. Here, you about to get to know some kitchen renovation Toronto trends in 2021.

1. Environment-friendly

It would be best if you involved some eco-friendly features in your kitchen. However, you can adopt a kitchen cabinet that is low in volatile compounds. These low volatile kitchen cabinets help to reduce air pollution.

Moreover, you can install LED lights in your cabinets that is high in saving energy. The eco-friendly feature also involves wooden floors with a natural look and stone countertops.

2. Marble

Marbles in your kitchen is better for unmissable luxury and next-level style. However, we can say that marbles will shake your kitchen interior. You can use heavily veined marbles in your kitchen to give a high-end luxury look.

However, using these marbles in your kitchen are durable and withstand the latest trends. So now, use some heavily veined marbles in your kitchen to add a statement value and create a textural contract between other surfaces.

3. Use mixed materials

When it comes to mixing materials than contrast is a king. However, the combination of brass, steel with marble, and dark timbers will be the best formula in your kitchen.

You can use some marble or metallics with different wood and metal shades to bring warmth to your kitchen. Moreover, we can say that using mixing materials in your kitchen renovation Toronto will create a more practical and visually pleasing space.

4. Wooden finishes

Bring some wooden finishes in your kitchen in 2021. However, now the wood is playing a significant role in giving a new look to your kitchen. You can use subtle-grained ash to bring warmth to your kitchen.

5. Retro style

Do not get confused that you have to bring and old-fashioned and boring ideas in your kitchen. These retro styles are making a comeback in 2021 with a new, contemporary twist.

However, you can reinterpret the paint finishes and wood tints to bring back the retro style to your kitchen with a creative twist.

6. Dark emotions

Give some dark emotions to your kitchen in 2021. Please do not get confused; we mean using some dark colors or cabinets in your kitchen. While renovating the kitchen, we always overlook the black walls and dark cabinets.

But we have to understand that dark colors bring liveable, luxe, and inviting features to your kitchen. Moreover, you can fuse textured woods with dark emotions to add a rustic and homely charm to your kitchen.

7. Hand-painted kitchen

2021 is a year of hand-painted kitchens. However, hand-painted kitchens are more appealing to classics looks and crisply modern linear designs. There are an unlimited choice of colors, so you are free to express yourself.

Moreover, the best thing is that if you want to give a change or an update to your kitchen in the future, you can re-paint it.

8. Double islands

If you have a large spacious kitchen, the double island is an essential feature for your kitchen. However, using a double island will make your spacious kitchen more practical and functional.

A pair of islands will convert your dull kitchen into a luxurious space.

9. A curated look to your kitchen

Nowadays, there is an increased demand for glazed cupboard and opening shelves to give a curated look to your kitchen. However, you can style your kitchen with artworks, decorative ceramics, and cookery books to add personality and homely charm.

Make sure to surround your kitchen space with some comfortable, tactical items and personal treasures. Do not overlook your kitchen’s curated part if you decide to have a kitchen renovation Toronto.

10. Walnut cabinetry

If you are a walnut lover, you will be happy to know that walnut in your kitchen will give a pleasing and inviting effect. However, the rich and dark color of walnuts will bring natural warmth to your kitchen.

11. Gold finishes

Bring some gold finishes to your kitchen. However, you can use golden colors to taps and sinks to give an aesthetic look. Moreover, golden faucets and sinks get influenced by the room’s overall look and make a definite style statement.

12. Hidden appliances

There was a period when people want to show off their new appliances. But nowadays, most people are using creative renovation ideas to hide their kitchen appliances.

Appliances in drawers are trendy these days to make your kitchen more spacious and functional. It is widespread these days that people are renovating the kitchen so that the appliances which you are going to use get to blend into the rest of the cabinetry.

Wrapping up

So here are some of the useful and latest kitchen renovation Toronto trends in 2021. However, the world is changing, so you have to stay up to date with the world. Using these ideas in your kitchen will make it inviting and functional as well.