Royale Touche Laminate Collection: Everything You Need to Know

Home Improvement

When planning to renovate your home or office, the most demanding question that pops up in mind is what material will best suit your surfacing needs. If it is laminate, another challenge to address is finding the right shop that offers nothing less than the best. Not to worry, Royale Touche, one of the leading laminate manufacturers in India, brings you the most exclusive collection of laminate sheets designed to add a touch of royalty to your space.

Whether you want to revive your furniture, renovate your home, or give your office space an inviting look, Royale Touche helps you make your design vision a reality with its 850+ products. Further in this blog, we will discuss everything you need to know about Royale Touche laminates.

Why Royale Touche?

Royale Touche is the home of luxury laminates. Founded in 1978, the company with a strong foothold in the industry barely needs any identification. It has now become India’s most premium laminate brand with an extensive range of laminate designs. The company has its manufacturing units sprawling across the nation. Its sincere efforts towards providing impeccable quality have made it a known brand.

Royale Touche laminates are manufactured at state-of-the-art facilities equipped with imported machinery from Spain and Italy. The company uses imported paper with highly-stable and resistant pigments that guarantee utmost durability. Not only that, but here you find 800+ designs, 40+ realistic textures, and 1 new design every 4 days.

The ultimate collection of Royale Touche laminates

However imagery your décor idea may be, the classy collection of Royale Touche laminates incorporates hundreds of designs and textures and provides everyone with something worthy. Some of the most widely used laminates it offers include high-gloss laminates, digital laminates, high-pressure laminates, etc.  

Each has unique features and functional properties that make it specific to its purposes. While high-gloss laminates, as the name suggests, have a glossy surface finish that adds a touch of boldness and glamor to the ambiance, matte-finish laminates reflect sober effects making surroundings feel cosy and relaxing. If needed for uniqueness and personalization, digital laminates from the exclusive collection of Royale Touche laminates step in. Available in numerous prints to give life to vision, digital laminates are the choicest luxury for modern homes.

Applications of Royale Touche laminate

While designing your home, you may need different surfacing materials, such as plywood, stones, marble, granite, wallpaper, paints, and more, for diverse applications. Royale Touche laminates free you from the worry of choosing them all. These decorative sheets are versatile enough to find applications on floors, walls, furniture, countertops, worktops, cabinets, wardrobes, and much more. They are pre-finished, low-maintenance products suitable for homes and commercial spaces.

Are these laminate sheets cost-effective?

Being the leading laminate manufacturer in India, Royale Touche brings you a gamut of luxury laminates in world-class designs. These decorative sheets make luxury affordable and accessible for everyone. They are a budget-friendly way to achieve modern decor. The ever-changing designs and never-changing quality rank these laminates way ahead of others. Exceptional durability is what comes with them. Other benefits they offer are as follows:

What are the benefits of choosing Royale Touche laminates?

  • A hygienic surfacing solution

Laminates are easy to clean. They do not require rigorous cleaning routines. What you may need in the name of cleaning are regular dusting and occasional damp wipes. Plus, they feature antimicrobial and anti-bacterial properties, which keep germs and bacteria from colonizing on the surface, even at corners. With these properties loaded, they promise healthy living.

  • High abrasion resistance

Laminate sheets from Royale Touche, a prominent laminate manufacturer in India, are resistant to abrasion and wear and tear. Whether you choose digital laminates or high-gloss laminates, they come packed with scratch-resistance properties. Install them once and stay worry-free for years.

  • Aesthetically beautiful

Royale Touche laminates do not restrict your design choices. No matter what design and decor idea you have in mind, these laminates make it come true. In short, you may use them to create any design that showcases your class and status in the best possible way.