How to remove a tree stump

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Because it is sick, due to the risk of falling, or because it has grown too much for the area in which it is planted. There are many reasons that can lead to having to get rid of a tree, a process that can be quick if done with the necessary equipment and technique. But the real problem comes with the stump that remains after the removal of the tree. And it is that eliminating these remains completely can become a complicated task and a real headache if the stump is too wide or if the roots are deeply buried in the skin. However, you should never choose to leave the stump and not worry about it., as this can cause new shoots to appear both on the trunk and roots or to develop fungi or other diseases such as Armillaria or Fosuarium.

When removing a stump you can find different techniques that use different tools such as chemicals or a shredder. In any case, before opting for one method or another, the condition of the stump (width, depth, condition of the wood …), as well as the surrounding terrain, must be checked as a possible detection of underground service networks by means of the magnetic field. In addition, some safety measures must be taken to prevent the person who is going to remove the stump from being damaged. As for the ideal time to remove these remains from the tree, the truth is that it can be done at any time, although the idea is to do it at the time the tree is felled. This is because, for example, the use of chemicals must be done with freshly cut wood. Here are some of the most commonly used techniques to remove a tree stump.

Digging with a shovel

This method is recommended for trees that are small and whose roots are not too long or have gone too deep into the ground. This will require a shovel, a pruning shear, or another similar tool with which to dig around the entire stump until the roots are completely visible. Next, you have to cut them with a hoe or an ax until they are eliminated to the tips. In case they are too nailed, you can also try to crush them with a tool or even use a chainsaw with the precautions that this entails. Finally, when the roots are completely removed, remove the stump by prying it off with the shovel or grinding it into smaller pieces if it is too large.

Using a shredder

This tool features large, very sharp steel blades that can destroy the wood stump in just a few minutes. Its use is usually applied to large stumps and can reduce stumps that sink into the ground up to 20 centimeters into splinters. The mulcher must be moved throughout the area until the rest of the tree and all its roots are completely removed. However, keep in mind that it is a tool that you have to know how to use perfectly since a mistake could be disastrous. That is why, although they can be rented, it is best to have them handled by a professional landscaper.

Opt for a backhoe

This is considered to be one of the most effective methods to permanently remove a stump, but also the most expensive ones. Backhoes, also known as skid steer loaders, must be handled by professionals who know their operation perfectly. In addition, its use is not usually recommended in case it is a single stump that you want to remove, but when it is a large group of them.

Chemical application

This method can be applied by anyone, as long as the package is read and all instructions on use and protective material such as mask or gloves indicated on them are followed. However, it is also the one that takes the longest in time and it is usually recommended that it be done in the autumn or winter months. When applying these products, make some holes in the edge of the stump with the help of a drill and always on the freshly cut wood. In case the tree has been felled some time ago, the surface will have to be cut again before pouring the products into the holes so that they penetrate the wood. When the stump has softened enough, it can be removed using methods such as prying or digging with a shovel.. Most of these products contain potassium nitrate that gradually decomposes the wood, but also a component called glyphosate that makes the use of these products prohibited in the city. In addition, it must also be taken into account that these products can harm nature, as well as ensure that children and pets do not approach them when the chemical product has already been applied.

Burn the stump

This is one of the least recommended options, especially since the stumps are not usually in the ideal state to burn easily and many precautions must be taken to prevent the fire from spreading. In addition, it is also necessary to check if there are local restrictions to this effect that prevent the burning of offal and, if this is not the case, request permission from the localities to do so. The technique is based on using wood and other materials to make a small fire on the stump so that it decomposes. This process can take several hours, being essential that it is constantly watched and stoked the fire if necessary.

Remove it by prying

This solution does not always succeed in completely eliminating tree debris and requires alternative methods to be used. This can be done using a rope, winch, or mini-excavator and prying off the stump. For this, it must not be cut at ground level and must have a good height of up to 1.2 meters.

As you have seen, removing a stump is not as simple as it may seem, and in most cases, it should be left to a professional. In any case, you must always use the appropriate equipment such as glasses, gloves, a mask, or a special suit to avoid damage. Finally, regardless of the method used to remove the stump, once it is removed the hole will need to be healed and filled with sawdust or substrate to prevent a hole in the ground or ready to plant again.

Remove by stump grinding 

Stump grinding by Grinder machine is a great way to remove stumps. Generally, large stumps are very tough to eliminate from your land. Grinder machine assists in removing stumps quickly and easily. 

Remove by forestry mulching

A Forestry Mulching machine is a helpful tool to  grind, clean, and clear stumps. Normally, It shreds the stumps. Mulching machine is attached to the excavator to work properly.  

 Remove brush clearing

It generally helps to keep your land ready to clear the stumps. Nowadays, pests and insects are a great nuisance for the land. So, removing  stumps that are pest attacked. As a result, you can make your land usable and cultivable. 

Remove by Land and Lot Clearing

It is a wonderful method to remove shrubs, stumps, trees, debris and large items from the  property. So, it is a very popular method all over the planet.