Popular Types of High Waisted Thong Bikinis for You to Wear


Every woman has a different body type with different needs from others. This makes shopping for a high waisted thong bikini that fits perfectly on you can be challenging. Looking for the right swimsuit in the right style and size should be done right so that when you wear it on the beach or pool, it feels like a huge success. The last thing you want is being uncomfortable and not confident under your thong bottom.

The high waisted thong bikini is one of the hottest swimwear in town due to a number of reasons. This bikini style stays in place and is extremely comfortable. It is easy to buy and wear, not to mention offers minimal tanning lines.  

What Are the Different Styles of Thong Bikinis?

It pays to know the different types of high waisted thong bikini when searching for the right one for you. 

Standard thong bikini.It provides adequate coverage in the front and comes with a defined waistband. The backside has a tiny triangular strip, attached to the waistband. In terms of percentage, the standard thong bikini displays about 90% of your buttocks. 

Standard gstring bikini.This style comes with a triangular front patch that slides on the waistband, which allows for adjustment. Because of the adjustment feature, you are able to adjust the frontal exposure of the standard g string bikini to your desired level. When wearing this high waisted thong bikini, it will reveal 99.9% of your butt.

Teeny G string bikini.The teeny bikini has a fixed triangular front fabric and 99.9% butt exposure. This style is particularly popular and looks amazing in plus size bodies. The teeny g string bikini is incredibly close to the micro string bikini, which is considered the tiniest in the thong bikini selection. The main difference is that it provides you with a bit more frontal coverage than the micro. 

T back g string bikini. This style has the same adjustable front triangle and waistband with the standard g string but it is has a slightly wider back panel. As the name suggests, the string of this bikini from behind forms a letter T.  

Sheer g string bikini.When it is dry, this bikini offers a little translucency but becomes a sheer wonder when wet. It can give a stunning, goddess effect. The sheer g string bikini is ideal for extra daring women. If you are not that bold, you can always wear it in the privacy of your backyard pool. 

Micro g string bikini. This tiniest variant of thong bottoms has a triangular fabric in the front that is stitched to the string waistband. The front patch is not adjustable; otherwise, it will slide out of place when you move. The Micro g string bikini has about 25% frontal coverage and 99.9% buttocks exposure. 

Ruffled thong bikini.It has a standard thong bikini style but with folded down band. The back part has a peek-a-boo effect because it is slightly hidden. The ruffled thong bikini bottom will flaunt 90% of your buttocks. Somehow, newlywed women like to wear this high waisted thong bikini. 

Banded thong bikini.It gives a reasonable frontal coverage and bares 90% of the rear region. It is basically the same as the standard thong bottom, however, the banded thong bikini has a wider waistband. You may fold the waistband down or leave it up, coming up with different coverage and appearance. If you want some tummy coverage, opt for the banded thong bottom. 

The one-piece thong swimsuit.This sexy one-piece swimwear is form-fitting and offers a full thong at the back. This style is quite popular in all age groups for good reasons. If you want to be confident, comfortable, and attractive all at the same time, wear a one-piece thong bathing suit on your next beach trip. 

How to Wear Your High-Waisted Thong Bikini

Are you planning to wear a high waisted thong bikini confidently this summer, but have not mustered up the courage to get yourself a new one? Here are some helpful tips on how to wear it successfully:

Make use of the straps. If you are uncomfortable wearing a piece without plenty of support, there are thong bikinis that have thicker waist straps. This kind of strap can make a huge difference, particularly if you are not that confident about your tummy part. You can achieve a more stylish look while tucking in a good part of your waist area. 

Pick a one-piece. Even though it is much easier to buy high waisted thong bottoms compared to one pieces, they are still readily available for those who want this style. With a one-piece high waisted thong bikini, you are able to cover the top half of your body. This helps makeyourself more confident and less vulnerable as compared to wearing a thong only. You can find the perfect one-piece suit for you across various platforms when shopping for one. 

Bring a backup. Aftergiving yourself the courage to showcase your body with confidence, the likelihood that you are not able to pull it off may be happening. But, there is no reason to deprive yourself of the chance to wear a high waisted thong bikini. What you can do is bring a backup bikini bottom. 

Therefore, when looking for the perfect thong bikini, get another bikini bottom as a backup. By doing this, you can switch and enjoy your day at the pool or beach in case you get uncomfortable in your thong bikini.

Test run your high waisted thong bottom. If you want to avoid having to need a backup, consider practicing wearing a high waisted thong bikini with fewer people around, for example, in a pool.This can help boost your self-confidence. 

Let’s say, 15 people saw you in your high waisted thong bikini and did not give you a side-eye look or look strangely at you, this would increase your confidence and comfort level. You may be bold enough to proceed to the beach with more people in the area. 

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