How to transport a dirt bike via road?


There are different ways to transport a bike, and you have to choose the ways depending on the distance you want to transport. Whichever process you choose, make sure to follow the guidelines so that you can make the bike transport an option. 

Some of the options are transporting bikes with a car, truck, trailer and the like options.  

Transporting with car 

Before doing this, it is important to check the bike’s engine power along with its weight. Moreover, you need to get a trailer to fit in the car perfectly for transportation. A closed one of 5 to 10 cm would be a suitable option. Also, check the floor dimension and the trailer’s strength to ensure its durability to withstand the weight of the dirt bike. It should be secured enough while transporting. For enhanced security, adding nuts and bolts will help.   

Also, the type of car will matter and if you are hiring a dirt bike transport service, make sure to discuss with them about the car they are using for the service. The carrier on which the dirt bike is fixed can be used on any car and a loading ramp is used to upload it.   

Is it possible to transport a bike with a trailer?

Yes, it becomes easy to transport cars on a trailer. Though a bike carrying trailer can be expensive, it will be suitable for the purpose of transporting the bike. Most of the trailer comes with anchor points with additional upright straps to fix the bike on the trailer preventing it from moving during transportation. To improve security, you can also get a tie-down to securely fix the bike on the trailer and prevent it from damage while on the road. Better , you can opt for a motorcycle hauling service like citizenshipper that allows you to choose a driver and outsource the entire process. 

Pull down the handlebar of the bike and try to secure it with tie-down. Also, when you attach the rear ends, try to fix each of the straps to either of the sides and place it over the seat of the bike. This further secures the seat cover from any further damage while moving on the trailer.       

How to transport a bike with a truck?

For transporting a dirt bike with a truck, you have to follow some steps. 

  • Loading the dirt bike

To load a dirt bike, it is important to have a loading ramp. Make sure that you pick the correct weight of the loading ramp so that it holds on to the wheelbase correctly. It should also fix the bike on the ground of the truck. Either you have to place the truck on a flat surface, or lower the tailgate to lower the ramp’s angle. It would be easy to load the bike on the truck, preventing tipping and any bike damage. If you are not confident enough to load the bike on the truck, it is better to seek assistance from transporting services that have the required experience.      

After placing the bike, make sure that it is neutrally aligned. To check this, try to grab a bike from the handlebar on one side and grab the stable area of the bike to ensure its security. Try to place the bike up and forward on the truck, fixing its position on the truck properly. After placing the bike in a stand-still position, do check the brake of the bike.  

  • Tying the bike on the truck

You have to start by fixing the front end of the bike with the bed of the truck. Also, attach the frame and the crash bar carefully such that the bike does not move on the truck and result in some damage. Do remove the kickstand of the bike when the bike is placed in a slanting position. The tie-downs are able to generate suitable force when it is under tension. This gives better security to the dirt bike even when it is on the truck.  

Here, the suspension fork is considered another point to fix the bike firmly on the truck. If you find it challenging to secure it on the truck, a professional team can perform the task with care. Try to hire one to get the task done smoothly, without leaving any chance of the dirt bike getting damaged in the mid-way.  

The Final Words 

Whatever material you use to secure the bike on the vehicle, shake it well to test whether it is securely fixed on the vehicle’s surface. To make the transport a smooth one, it is better to hire an experienced service without resulting in any damage.