Time & Money-Saving Ideas on How to Find Good Pest Control Services


If there’s one thing in life that we just can’t live without (even if we don’t want to be with them), then it’s probably – Pests! Whether its cockroaches, rats, silverfish, spiders and you name it, pests often find their way into our homes and commercial buildings in search of food, shelter and water. If your home or commercial property currently has a pest infestation, don’t panic, and call a commercial pest control Brisbane service. But, how do you find the best one? Here is a couple of helpful time and money-saving ideas to consider.

Reputation & Experience

With the help of a truly professional commercial pest control Brisbane service, your home or commercial building will be pest-free, and you’ll be worry-free too. But, how do you find the pest control service in town? Well, you need to first evaluate the company’s track record.

Like, find out how many years of experience does the commercial pest control Brisbane firm have in treating residential and commercial properties for various pests and rodents. A company with years of experience will definitely know how to handle a wide array of situations and issues in a professional and correct manner.

If an emergency situation or contingency were to arise during the actual treatment process, then the commercial pest control Brisbane service will know how to effectively tackle it. The company’s reputation is also important, as their reputation will tell you what type of quality services they provide to their customers.

A good way to evaluate a commercial pest control Brisbane company’s reputation would be to read online reviews, as these can give you a good insight into what to expect from the company, and what past clients are saying.

Licenses & Certification

Each state has an agency which regulates and licenses residential and commercial pest control Brisbane firms, and logs any customer complaints. So, please check your state’s regulatory agency to find out if the pest control firm of your choice is licensed, by visiting their website.

Examples of pesticide licenses that are issued by regulatory agencies include certified commercial pesticide technician, certified commercial pesticide applicator, as well as certified pesticide technicians.

Another factor to consider when evaluating a commercial pest control Brisbane firm’s capability is to determine whether or not the company holds memberships and certifications from professional associations. These private organizations will be able to certify if the pest control firm meets certain standards in their business practices.

You could also try asking your commercial pest control Brisbane service on which professional associations or organizations they are associated with, and what certifications do they hold. A reputable firm would be more than happy to tell you which associations they belong to.


While most top-notch commercial pest control Brisbane firms can effectively handle any type of pest problem, some may specialize in dealing with specific pests, or with using certain methods.

Like, some commercial pest control Brisbane services choose to focus on certain pests, perhaps as a way to deliver the highest quality of services in certain niche markets. On the other hand, other firms develop specialties over time due to the geographical prevalence of certain pests in their areas.

Depending on your pest issue, consider hiring a commercial pest control Brisbane service that specializes in dealing with your pests. For example, if you need help with a persistent cockroach or rodent issue in your home, then look for professional cockroach or rodent exterminators.


Another all-important factor to consider when looking for a commercial pest control Brisbane firm would be to evaluate the company’s methods. Like, when dealing with a serious infestation, the pest control service might insist on conducting an initial inspection to help customers determine the best treatment plan. 

But, when evaluating this, be wary of pest control firms who say that they offer “free” inspections. Remember that an in-depth and comprehensive inspection and analysis requires both time and experience when done right.

And, if you want an accurate and truly comprehensive assessment and inspection, then expect a reasonable fee for this service.  Once the inspection is complete, ask the commercial pest control Brisbane firm to provide you with a list of pesticides and chemicals that they will use, along with the health risks of using such chemicals and pesticides.

Quality of Customer Service

Whether it’ working with a commercial pest control Brisbane firm or any other type of service provider, the type, and quality, of customer service provided to you is a major factor to keep in mind.

You will certainly want a pest control service that is able to explain your current pest situation, and you should also feel knowledgeable about the pests yourself after speaking with a technician.

You should also feel confident in knowing how to effectively prevent the pests from coming back, as well as know what to look out for, especially in terms of the early signs of infestation.

Like, when you first contact a commercial pest control Brisbane firm, determine how quickly they respond to you. And once they do respond to you, do you feel that the company cares about informing you about pest control? Or, is the company more than willing to create a customized pest control plan for your home or commercial property?

Unless you are a trained professional, or you have ample knowledge about pest control, it is not expected of you to know how to effectively remove pests from your home or commercial property. So, make it a point to find a commercial pest control Brisbane firm that’s patient and willing enough to keep you informed throughout the entire process.

Cost of Services

And, lastly evaluate the cost of services offered to you by the commercial pest control Brisbane company. Wait until you’ve considered all the factors listed earlier, and you’ve already narrowed down your options, before factoring in the cost.

Once you’ve done that, you can then consider your pest control budget, and compare prices, so that you can truly find a reputable and high-quality commercial pest control Brisbane service.