6 Methods to Earn 4,000 hours of YouTube Watch Time

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If you’re a YouTube creator looking to earn money from your content by generating Adsense revenues, you’ll be aware this is one of those metrics is watch time is a key metric. If you’re a YouTube creator who would like to earn money from your content via Adsense revenue, You’ll need to have at least 1,000 subscribers and more than 4,000 hours of viewing time for your channel over the past one-year period. We’ll discuss subscriber growth more in a later post; however, for the moment, let’s concentrate on watch duration and how important it is to establish it with your content. You can also buy YouTube watch time with Sonuker.

4000 hours of watch time equals 240,000 minutes.

#1 Video Length as well as YouTube View Time

You might believe that the longer your video is, the longer the amount of time you can watch it.

It’s not the case and could even cause harm if your analytics show that viewers are falling out before the conclusion of your video. YouTube is analyzing those numbers, and the higher the number of viewers that leave your content, the less likely YouTube will serve it to more viewers on its platform.

It could be a more effective strategy to make shorter videos that viewers can watch for longer, rather than the video long enough that viewers can only click 20 percent of the way through.

What length do your videos have to be? The answer is how long they are required to communicate the message. Condensing and bundling your video content in the most efficient time frame possible can significantly benefit you.

#2 What’s The Deal with YouTube Videos and Shorts?

If we’re suggesting you keep your videos as brief as possible, should you be making Shorts content instead of long-form video content? Not necessarily.

Any subscribers you get through your Shorts will contribute to getting to 1000 (the other metric you must meet to be eligible to join the YouTube Partner Program to qualify to monetize your content).

However, the time spent watching YouTube Shorts, particularly in the case of being served to users through Shorts on the Shorts shelf, won’t contribute to your required 4,000 hours. Keep creating Shorts for the type of content you enjoy creating; however, remember that they don’t help increase the time spent watching.

#3 Audience Retention Metrics are your friend

If you’ve been putting up videos on your YouTube channel, you’ll have performance information to draw from, offering feedback on whether your content connects with viewers.

There are many apps that YouTube and TubeBuddy provide that can assist you with issues like retention of viewers and drop-off percentage.

On YouTube, you can view your analytics on the retention of viewers through YouTube Studio. Click on a posted video and then select Analytics. On your new Dashboard, click “Engagement” to access the information you require. Check out “Typical Audience Retention” and ‘ Key Moments for Audience Retention metrics. We’ll take an in-depth look at the reports in a subsequent post.

#4 Upload Your Videos when your audience is online

When you release videos, you need to ensure that the maximum number of viewers are aware of them. A critical measure of the video is knowing when viewers are online and where the majority of them are.

If, for instance, you’re within the United States, but most of your readers reside in Japan, it is recommended to publish your content in Japanese Standard Time for you to draw in the potential subscribers and viewers. Subscribers.

#5 Get the Most of the End screen, information cards, and Playlists

Info cards and screen endings are two great YouTube options that permit you to hyperlink on another video (and many more). This gives your viewers more information about the subject you’re talking about or helps you advertise more content. Content. If you’re not using any of these options, begin today!

Although many creators use end screens and information cards to direct users to specific videos, did you know that you can also include an entire playlist as a URL? Make a playlist of videos that have gotten you the highest number of subscribers to increase the reach of your content.

#6 Use comments to increase engagement

In the case of comments for the comments you receive on your YouTube content, it is best to reply promptly, particularly in the first couple of hours following posting. Why not put together an automated response with a link to the most-watched video on your channel or a playlist of your videos on the same subject to increase engagement and increase the amount of duration and views?

It is also possible to create canned responses using open-ended questions that can lead to conversations. For example:

  • What was your most memorable takeaway from the film?
  • Did you pick up anything new?
  • What was your top aspect?

When viewers receive notifications that you’ve responded, they return to your video and might revisit it, which results in more engagement.