How does your Social Media Presence aid SEO?


While you post on Instagram and even LinkedIn, you may be wondering how

this helps your company. After all, it seems that social media may not be the

ideal place for you to conduct business, right? Well, you would be surprised to

know how much social media can help your business grow.

It helps you get noticed

What was the last time that you googled someone? If it has been anytime

recently, then you would have probably seen their Facebook page pop up in the

search results. Thus, it is easy to see that having a Facebook page does have its

advantage, and it holds true of other social media sites as well. Social media

presence helps you with your SEO strategy by contributing to your online


Helps potential customer notice you

With the help of blogs and information that you post on your website, you pave

the way for potential customers to notice you. However, it cannot be expected

that potential customers will magically find your website to read all of the

content that you produce. With social media, you have the option of making

sure that your content is viewed by people easily, and without them needing to

look for your website.

Become an expert and generate a buzz

The content that you publish on social media sites helps you establish yourself

as an industry expert. The more the people feel that you are an expert on a

particular subject, the more likely they are to engage with your content, and the

more likely it is that Google will notice your page.

Thus, it is easy to see that social media helps your business grow in a number of

important ways. SEO is an intricate system, visit website of Marketing Sweets

to learn more about it and improve your strategies today!

Facebook Analytics Tools you must be Aware of in 2019

Simply posting content on Facebook and hoping for the best will not help your

business. It is essential that you analyse your posts to see what works and what

does not. Facebook Analytics is not the most exciting thing in the world;

however, it is critical to improving your SEO strategy, and for you to be able to

improve your online presence and convert your leads. With better Facebook

analytics, you will be able to improve your returns on investment and see your

posts flourish.

Posting engaging and well-performing Facebook posts are crucial, as any

established agency offering Online Marketing Brisbane will tell you. However,

Facebook Analytics is a gruelling task that is not easy to perform. If you are

looking for a way to improve your Facebook strategy, but do not want to deal

with the hard work, then here are a few Analytics tool that you need to know


Social Status

This is a paid Facebook analytics tool that can help your Facebook posts

flourish. It offers several useful features such as establishing the optimal time

and day for you to publish your Facebook posts, how much people engage with

your post, the growth of your post, and much more. It gives you an in-depth

analysis of your post, as well as your competitor’s posts. This is a tool worth

checking out.


It is one of the leading analytics tools for Facebook and other social media

websites as well. With this you can track your business competitors, and keep

an eye on what they are doing. It helps you rank your posts based on how well

they perform, as well as rank the different ways in which your audience

interacts with your post (such as likes, comments and more). It helps you

understand your demographics better, find out the location and language of your

audience as well as to measure how fast your community grows. This is an all-

round way to keep an eye on your performance.

Sprout Social

With this tool, you can gain valuable insight into your data. Not only that, but

you can easily create PDF and reports about your data with your company logo!

This is especially useful when you have to present this data to your investors. With this tool, you canalso analyse your keywords and hashtags to see the ones which are the mostrelevant to your content.

Union Metrics

You can work on building effective social strategies for Facebook with the help

of this nifty tool. You can learn what type of content your audience engages

with the most, whether or not your paid content works better than organic ones.

Marketing Sweets is a digital marketing agency which is eager to help you with

your business. It can help you improve your online viability and employ

effective SEO strategies. With the team’s help, you can learn more about what

helps your business and what does not.