The best Fantasy Cricket apps


In the world of daily fantasy sports, apps make up a huge part of the experience, as they facilitate interaction between owners and allow them to participate from anywhere. Whether you’re playing in a league with friends or competing against strangers online, there are some great fantasy cricket apps that you can use to help your team stand out from the pack. Here are six of the best ones available right now.

1) Mycricket

The best fantasy cricket app isn’t always available in your country, which is why you need to look at options. The best fantasy cricket app for Android is Mycricket, which has a clean interface and an easy way to sign up for games. My cricket is currently only available in India (the birthplace of cricket), but there are plans to expand across Asia in 2017. To win big playing fantasy cricket, you need to carefully manage your roster before each game; there’s little point in assembling an excellent team when you don’t know whether or not they will play that day. Luckily, most fantasy apps allow you to set alerts when players are added or removed from team rosters.

2) Dream11

Dream11 is one of India’s most popular fantasy sports games, with over 40 million participants across its 12 game types. The game itself is simple: you pick a team (usually 11 players) and earn points based on how well they perform in real-life games; you can choose to play against friends or go head-to-head against other users. With Dream11, it doesn’t matter if you’re an expert or novice—you can win regardless! To give yourself an edge, check out these tips for winning Dream11.

3) FanFight

If you’re looking for a place to bet on cricket matches, look no further than FanFight. You can play FanFight’s daily fantasy contests with real money or simply for fun. They offer fantasy contests in every format of cricket including Tests, ODIs and T20s. It features live game streaming with expert commentary so you never miss a moment. What sets it apart from other fantasy cricket apps is its unparalleled user experience with push notifications that let you know when it’s your turn to pick your team or when there are new tournaments starting.

4) Yahoo Fantasy Cricket

The great thing about Yahoo is that it has everything you need to play Daily fantasy cricket. It’s fairly easy to use but there are some things to know and do, and if you want to take your game up a notch, we recommend reading Cricinfo’s tutorial on playing in leagues . The best part about Yahoo is that it keeps track of all your league’s stats , so you can go back and see how good or bad your team was over time. Or browse through other people’s teams—there are plenty of unique rosters floating around out there. There’s also a fun Draft League option where you draft an entire team at once (like in real life!) instead of picking them one by one.

5) StarPick

StarPick is an online fantasy cricket game that allows you to win cash prizes by just selecting a team of 11 players. You play fantasy cricket without having to draft a team, as StarPick does it for you. All you have to do is pick your captain and buy tickets against each player’s score. If they perform well, you win. If they don’t, tough luck, but there are plenty of other options waiting for you. It’s one of those sites that looks so slick and easy-to-use it feels like cheating—but isn’t.

6) Fandom

If you’re a hardcore cricket fan or if you enjoy following sporting events, then there’s a good chance that you already know all about fantasy sports. For those who don’t (or for those looking to expand their knowledge), fantasy sports are like video games for sports fans. It isn’t enough to simply watch, cheer and/or scream at your television during live games; now we get to draft our own teams and play them against each other based on their real-life performances. Whether it’s cricket, soccer, basketball or baseball: there’s a fantasy league for every sport and every league around. The concept has been wildly popular in North America since its inception over 30 years ago and is now catching on in India as well.