6 nutritious foods for eye health


Keeping your eyes healthy is far less tricky than most of us think it is. All you need is a nice platter of some eye-enriching foods. Just like cheap glasses online with anti-blue coating, inexpensive local foods provide excellent protection against prevalent diseases.

Best foods for healthy eyes

  1. Blueberries 

Blueberries are great for improving vision and strengthening blood vessels in the eye. Anthocyanin is a pigment found in blueberries which apart from aiding blood pressure regulation and lowering inflammation, also ensures free flow of blood in the arteries supplying oxygen to the retina. Other berries like cranberries, black berries and mulberries are also good for the eyes.  

  • Oranges

Oranges are another excellent source for beta-carotene. Beta-carotene helps in conversion of Vitamin A which further aids to avoid dry eyes, night blindness and some eye infections. Also, oranges, like all those citrus fruits, include Vitamin C which is no less than the key to eye health as it maintains the blood flow in eye blood vessels.

  • Carrots 

Remember when our grannies would ask us to put lots of carrots in our salads? You will know that they were always right! Carrots are rich in beta-carotene and rhodopsin. Beta-carotene that acts as an essential precursor for vitamin A. All these nutrients help to keep away diseases like macular degeneration and cataract. Also, just like blue light glasses, carrots provide protection against blue light damage. You can have them for a crunchy salad or juice a glass out

  • Nuts

Nuts like cashews, almonds, pistachios and peanuts contain high levels of Omega-3 and Vitamin E. Both of these compounds give a boost to eye health and shield the eye cells against damage from free radicals or unstable molecules that can damage the tissues of your eye. Regular consumption of this Vitamin ensures protection from diseases like macular degeneration and cataract. 

  • Leafy vegetables

Do you ever wonder why don’t the leaves of a tree burn black while bearing scorching sunlight each day? Scientists believe that it is due to the presence of two antioxidants Lutein and Zeaxanthin in their structure. The same two antioxidants, found in leafy veggies like spinach, kale and collard greens, are also essential for healthy eyes.

  • Legumes

Zinc is found in significant quantities in the eye cells. This trace mineral aids in the production of melanin, the sleep hormone that regulates the sleep cycle and protects the eye. Beans and legumes such as kidney beans, black beans, black-eye peas, chickpeas, and lentils contain high amounts of zinc. 

Keep your eyes healthy for long

  • Prevent dry eyes

Dry eyes can be very itchy and irritating. Keeping your eyes dry for prolonged periods regularly can result in chronic diseases of the eye. Try to limit your screen time and adjust the brightness of your computer so it’s neither too bright nor too dim according to the surrounding.

  • Wear blue light glasses

Blue light blocking glasses are the latest technology that prevents blue waves from entering your eyes. You can ask your optician to add a blue light coating on your lenses and turn your men’s glasses or women’s glasses into blue light glasses.

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