Best 10 Places to Visit in Goa


Haven of multiple gorgeous beaches, Goa is flocked by global tourists and the beaches being the main cause for that. A trip to Goa can never be regretted and once in life everyone should experience the exotic relaxation that Goa offers. Nonetheless, a rich cultural as well as monumental heritage takes its source from Goa. Being a Portuguese town before the Indian Independence, it was endowed with numerous forts and churches. Often in a bid to ensure a minimalistic tour, tourists miss out the prominent attractions of Goa. 6 to 8 days must be dedicated to enjoy Goa.  Although, every destination you land upon in Goa is eternally adorned but some of them that ranks over the others slightly greater, is what is mentioned here.

Baga Beach

Amongst the lively beaches in Goa which is highly preferred for the water sports, nightlife and shopping it offers. Parasailing, jet skiing, windsurfing are some of the thrilling activities you are exposed to. Besides, the famous Titos Lane is largely visited by tourists to absorb the pub life in Goa. Other attractions such as dolphin sighting and snow Park are also experienced by the visitors to term it to be a fulfilling tour.

Basilica of Bom Jesus

Perhaps this is one of the conspicuous appearances on your search results when you type top places in Goa. The mortal remains of St. Francis Xavier are installed in this basilica inaugurated by the Portuguese colony. It is known to have healing effects on visitors. The atmosphere inside the church is extensively peaceful and serene. The location of the Basilica in Old Goa.

Candolim Beach

Start by paying a sincere visit to Fort Aguada and then indulge in the silence of the longest stretched beach in Goa. Some water sports are also present on this beach but this is extensively known for lazing around. The colorful beach shacks are bliss to the heart.

Palolem Beach

The white sand bay extended to you by this beach can calm a racing heart. Silent night parties amidst the palm trees are what make this the rarest of the beaches. The shore of the beach is lined up with wooden bungalows in vibrant colors making your heart yearn to spend a night there.


Currently known as Panaji, the Latin quarters of Goa are located here in Fontainhas. Portuguese architecture still exists in this place and tourists are thronged to witness this unadulterated heritage. The narrow streets with pale yellow bungalows on either side somewhat raise the feeling of wandering in European towns. The capital city of Goa has enormous jewels to explore, one being the Immaculate Conception Church which serves as a landmark monument to the city. 

Calangute Beach

The restaurants and pubs located in Calangute beach are a must-visit turn by turn for each meal. They demonstrate an extravagant life. Christmas summons the ambitious tourists in Calangute beach as the decorations and the atmosphere are worth relishing. 

Anjuna Beach

One of the most loved beaches in Goa. Although the stretch is not more than 2 Km, scenic beauty and the flea market capture all the heartwarming moments of the visitors. The luxurious accommodation of this place makes it a fulfilling destination. Shopping in the Anjuna Beach Market is beyond rejoicing as you get to witness local-style clothes in the most attractive appearance along with accessories that are exclusively dedicated to the sea. 

Dudhsagar Falls

Flowing over the Mandovi river appears to be a stream of milk from a distance. The rejuvenating experience procured in DudhSagar is not limited to only its view but a bath underneath the falls is also available for the visitors. Located 46 km east of Madgaon, the Dudhsagar falls is India’s longest waterfall. The Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary is located around the falls and one can pay a visit there as well to witness some tropical species.

Chapora Fort

After the famous shooting spot was selected for the popular movie Dil Chahta hai, this fort has gained enough eyes on it. The elevated pitch surrounds the visitor with a panoramic view of famous beaches in Goa and also puts forward an overall image of Goa. The ancient value of this fort dates back to 1617bwhen it was built by Emperor Adil Shah of Bijapur. The picturesque aspect of this location is what makes it a favorite destination amongst teenagers.

Reis Magos Fort

Built by a Portuguese Viceroy in 1551 was renovated again in 1707. During the Maratha-Portuguese war in 1739, the fort was settled as a defensive wall. The history of this fort makes it even more exciting for the visitors. The well-defined area is adorned with jet black cannons to hype the tourists.