Best Winter Treks in Uttarakhand


The popular snowy covered region is known for its mythological importance and the surreal, at the same time, glorifying weather which it provides is nothing but “Devbhoomi – Uttarakhand” lying in the Himalayan ranges melts our hearts when visited in winters. The place has its own mythological stories and also at every corner in Uttarakhand people will find various temples fulfilling the urge of every devotee visiting there. Also, it is believed that Gods and Goddesses used to reside here in the Himalayan ranges for a placid and calm breathtaking environment. Since Uttarakhand has many things to cherish almost in every season, it is advisable to visit this wonderful destination post-monsoon that is at the beginning of the winters to witness the greenery surrounding the dense forests and cloudy mountains. The ice glaciers and the serene beauty of the snowy mountains combining themselves with the lush green bushes and trees amidst the dense forest attract the tourist to visit this heaven on earth. In order to know about the best treks to visit in winter please have a quick glance at the places suggested.

Winter Treks in Uttarakhand

  • Chopta Chandrashila – Winter Trek
  • Kedarkantha Trek
  • Kuari Pass – Winter Trek
  • The Roopkund Trek
  • Auli Trek
  • Deoria Tal Trek

Chopta Chandrashila – Winter Trek

As the name suggests Chandrashila is nothing but the “Moon Rock”. The explorer can get a 360-degree majestic view of the Himalayan mountains once it reaches the peak of Chandrashila Trek. The trek lends the trekkers or explorers to the splendid Himalayan peaks of Trishul, Bandarpunch, Kedarnath, Nandadevi and Chaukhamba. Almost at the highest altitude of 13,000 feet, it is at a distance of 4000 metres above sea level. One can reach Chandrashila by witnessing The great temples of Haridwar and Rishikesh, witnessing the beautiful Sangam of river Bhagirathi and Alaknanda, the small village Sari and the famous highest shiv temple of Tungnath reaching the peak of Chandrashila Trek. The beautiful Kedarnath Wildlife Sanctuary makes the trekking journey mesmerizing and joyful.

Kedarkantha Trek

The snow-capped mountains, the flora, the fauna and the vegetation, the glorious meadows are exactly the pleasure moments of the Kedarkantha trek. The summit climb of the Kedarkantha trek is what impresses the trekkers to reach there on its peak and witness the wonders of the world. Also on a trial, you will get the best experience of meeting the local people by doing a homestay in Kotgaon. The dense and impressive forest of Alpine, Oak and Deodar can be seen and the area of forest is the one which needs to be passed wisely since the locals don’t usually visit there; only the tourists or the trekkers choose this route to reach the summit. So one can get easily lost if not given attention. The campsites Julota and Pukhrola both face the western sides of the sky and are wide open hence anyone can cherish the pleasant moment of the sunset from campsites.

Kuari Pass – Winter Trek

How does anyone not fall for the snowy covered mountains amidst the beautiful meadows covered on its sides by the wild blooming flowers, oak leaves and the rhododendron-dense forest regions? Yes, if you are a profound trekker or a beginner you will not be able to resist yourself from initiating your trekking journey of Kuari Pass. To initiate with one has to begin with the small village named Joshimath located in the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand. The Kuari Pass Trek can be visited at any time of the year but the winter charisma has its own craze and hence one can not miss the snow-covered paths offering the beautiful scenario coming mid-way. Another reason for doing Kuari Trek in windy winters is the Gorson Bugyal. Once we end up in the tree line of the glittering oak forestry region, the Gorsan Bugyal is the first thing anyone notices. The high rising Mt. Nandadevi and the grand Mt. Dronagiri appears right in front of our eyes.

Roopkund Trek

Surrounded by the snow-clad mountains, the glacial lake of Roopkund Trek lies in the laps of Trishul and Nanda ghunti in the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand. There is an ancient belief that 100s of ancient human skeletons were found on the banks of this glorious lake, the remains of which are still visible at the bottom of the lake when the snow melts. Due to this unsolved mystery of the skeleton, it has also been called “Mystery Lake.” Roopkund is undoubtedly a picture-perfect destination as the beautiful alpine meadows and grasslands locally known as Bugyal, come in the way of a trail.

Auli Trek

This is one of the most beautiful trekking destinations especially for photoholics to capture one of the finest serene views of nature and also for capturing the most adventurous memories with them. The trek serves an adventure seeker a bundle of joyful moments as from camping to trekking to skiing to ropeway riding one can just get lost in the pleasure the place is offering. Situated in the Garhwal region of Indian State, Uttarakhand, this little town cherishes you with the most beautiful experiences. Also, the Auli Trek is known for the Artificial lake created by them that is covered under the snow in the winters and on the other hand-decorated by the green pastures and grasslands in the summers. The beautiful sunset view is something which you cannot miss from Auli Trek.

Deoria Tal Trek

Popularly known as “Indra Sarovar ” The Deoria Tal trek ends up reaching Mt Chaukhamba. The magical reflections of Chaukhamba mountain in the Deoria Tal Trek emit a crystal clear image. Baniya Kund is a place where camping can be done while trekking Deoria Tal Trek. The snow-covered campsites at Baniya Kund give a joyful experience to the trekkers out there.