How Image Analysis Makes a Difference

Digital Marketing

Images are the linchpin of the modern social media landscape. Experts estimate that every day, up to 3.2 billion images are shared by users on digital platforms. Image-based social media sites are growing in popularity as an easy way for people to communicate and share moments.

However, the ubiquity of image sharing presents challenges for brand analysis. The text posted along with an image usually has little to do with the content of the image. When that’s the case, how can a company track mentions of their brand when images are becoming the primary format for social media posts?

That’s where image analysis enters the picture. It’s a revolutionary technology that stands to shape the field of online marketing for years to come.

Leverage Image Analysis for Your Brand

Image analysis is at the forefront of modern artificial intelligence. This technology can correctly pinpoint faces, objects, landscapes and other elements of an image.

Using image analytic technology, brands can automatically identify mentions on social media through recognizing logos and products within a posted photo. When combined with a social listening program, this is a powerful way to quickly get results on where your brand is being shared, and how often.

Know Where Your Brand Stands

Using image analytics, you can quickly get an idea of the perception consumers hold for your brand. You can see what text is posted along with the image of a product or logo, and verify whether it holds a positive or a negative sentiment. This information is valuable for getting a 360-degree view on where your brand stands and for improving your targeting to consumers.

Track Brand Representation

Influencer sponsors are the future of online advertising. When popular users showcase brands to their audiences, those brands can expect a flood of interest from users. Subsequently the global spend on influencer marketing hit $13.8 billion in 2021 and will only grow more every year.

It can be difficult to determine the return on investment with any advertising campaign, but this is especially true when it comes to sponsored posts on social media. But thanks to image analysis technology, you can now easily identify when and how often an influencer features your brand. Not only that, but you can leverage the stats provided by social media platforms, such as impressions and number of likes and shares, to quickly get an idea of how effective the influencer’s posts are.

Analyze the Competition and Identify Associated Brands

Every technique that you can use with your brand, you can use with competitors’ brands as well. Use image analytics to quickly identify who is sponsoring your competitor and what consumers are saying about them. With careful and thorough application, you can even reverse engineer their marketing and advertising strategies, and pinpoint flaws in their outreach to your benefit.

Image analysis is also a great way to discover relationships between your brand and others. You can see if there are any common items or keywords featured alongside your products. From there you can engage in joint marketing campaigns with a related brand, or even pass along ideas for an expanded product line to R&D.

Image Analysis is Only Getting Better

For brands that want to grow, image analytics are becoming more essential every year. Incorporate image analytics and logo recognition into your marketing toolbox and watch your brand recognition soar in the minds of consumers.