How to Score High Marks in Maths in Tamil Nadu State Board


Maths is one such subject that is purely based on solving numerical problems. There are very few questions which are based on the theory. If it would be, then they will be of types like verifying the theorems etc. So, to prepare for such subjects, students need to have a strong grasp of the concepts. Here, the chances of mugging up the topic totally vanish away. So, we have provided some tips which will help Tamil Nadu board students to study these maths in an easier way. Moreover, these preparation strategies will help to score high marks in the exams as well.

Preparation Strategy for Maths for Tamil Nadu Board Students

Maths requires a lot of practice. Just knowing the formulas and then moving to the next topic will not give fruitful results until students have not solved the mathematical problems. So, solving the questions based on a particular topic is very crucial to gaining command over it. Samacheer kalvi 10th maths book solutions is the best study resource for students preparing for the board exams of the Tamil Nadu state board. Below, we have provided some tips that will help students in their preparation for maths subjects. 

1. Understand the concepts

Students must go through the theory part of the topic to understand it in a better way. They can make a good hold over the concept by knowing how the formula or theorem is derived. It will also help to know the application of the formula or theorem. Moreover, they get to know in which type of question they can use these formulas.

2. Make a separate formula sheet

It always advised students to make a separate formula sheet. Students can also paste the list of important formulas in their study areas. It will help them remember and revise the formulas. Also, wherever they get stuck in solving any problem, they can quickly have a look at the formulas sheet and can solve the question.

3. Solve questions provided in the exercise

After understanding the concept and noting down the formulas, students must solve the questions which are provided in the exercise. By doing so, they will understand formulas used in solving mathematical problems. 

4. Try to solve a question by different methods

Students must try to solve mathematical problems by different methods. By doing so, they will find out the best and easiest method of solving a numerical problem. It will also improve their analytical skills and aptitude skills. 

5. Speed up your calculation

By solving the questions, students must make sure that they should try to solve the questions fastly. They should not take much time to solve a particular question. For this, they can work on improving their calculation speed. 


These preparation strategies are also helpful for Class 9 students of the Tamil Nadu board. So, students who are studying from the samacheer kalvi 9th maths book can follow these tips to prepare for the exam and can excel in their maths paper.