Napkleen disposable adult bibs


Napkleen disposable adult bibs are a very effective tool for those who tend to have spillage when drinking or eating; seniors, those with disabilities or those with the onset of a neurological condition are a few examples. Napkleen disposable adult bibs are one of the best options when using disposable clothing protectors.

For many adults, it can be embarrassing to have to put on a bib. It is an acknowledgement, although maybe only to the person who is putting one on, that they are not confident in their ability to feed themselves without spilling food or drink onto their clothing. In reality, this is typically not at all a big deal. Who hasn’t spilled food or drink on their clothing? Still, the truth is that the feeling of embarrassment does exist. When living in an assisted living facility it might be less of an issue, because so many of the residents are wearing some type of clothing protection, and so it is almost the norm rather than the exception. In these facilities, one can see all different types of clothing protectors, including pullovers, those that require tying two string together in the back, bibs with snaps or Velcro, and of course, the Napkleen disposable adult bibs

Still, in regard to the embarrassment factor, one of the nicest things about Napkleen disposable adult bibs is that they are very non-intrusive. In other words, when a person puts on a Napkleen disposable adult bibs, it is not very conspicuous. Napkleen disposable adult bibs almost appears to be a napkin put on the way people often wear tucked into their shirt when dining on messy foods such as pasta with red or white sauce, buttery dishes, and opening crab legs. So whether Napkleen disposable adult bibs are worn in a facility (such as assisted living, nursing home or hospital), at home, or when dining out, it is an inconspicuous event when putting one on. Napkleen disposable adult bibsare like having a super power, giving those who might spill some food or liquids a lot more confidence while dining.

Below are some facts about Napkleen disposable adult bibs:

Napkleen disposable adult bibs have no ties. They just have a peel and stick on feature, in other words, just peel off a label in order that the adhesive is exposed and then stick directly onto whatever clothing is being worn- a shirt, jacket, or whatever.A good percentage of our population has experienced a loss of dexterity in their fingers, be it from arthritisor other issues. The peel and stick on feature makes it much easier for those folks to put their clothing protector on themselves.  Many bibs on the market have snaps, Velcro like material or ties. Napkleen disposable adult bibs, as compared to other bibs, are simple and easy to use.

Napkleen disposable adult bibs will protect your clothing and will reduce laundry loads. Very effective at preventing stains to clothes. When wearing Napkleen disposable adult bibs, your clothing is protected. Whether a t-shirt or an expensive dress shirt or blouse, it is a comforting fact to know.

Napkleen disposable adult bibs are waterproof, lightweight and comfortable.Napkleen disposable adult bibs almost feel like you are wearing nothing at all.

Napkleen disposable adult bibs are waterproof due to an absorbent front that can soak up liquids in conjunction with a waterproof backing that prevents liquids from soaking through the bib and reaching the clothing. For such a thin bib, so light and unobtrusive, it is amazing that Napkleen disposable adult bibs can be so effective at preventing liquids from soaking into clothes.

Napkleen disposable adult bibs are used both institutionally, ie in hospitals, nursing homes and assisted living facilities but also can be used by the individual at home (or even better, when dining out in a restaurant).

Napkleen disposable adult bibs are of a good size to protect spills. Napkleen disposable adult bibs measure 13 inches wide and 18 inches long.

Napkleen disposable adult bibs are white in color and come 50 bibs to a box. The box is small enough that it could even fit inside of a larger purse, so this makes Napkleen disposable adult bibs convenient and easy to carry wherever one goes. Of course, a person does not need to carry the entire box of Napkleen disposable adult bibs, instead they could just take out a few at a time out of the box if preferred.

So many people in our society can make use of Napkleen disposable adult bibs. We mostly think of seniors, those with a disability or those with an illness using these effective clothing protectors, Of course, as mentioned above, clothing protectors (adult bibs) work wonders for this population of people. Tremors, weakness in the hand or fingers, proprioception issues, all of these can lead to liquid spillage and solid food dropping on clothing. Napkleen disposable adult bibs are an incredible useful tool for many who deal with these issues daily. However, Napkleen disposable adult bibs can be used by nearly everyone. Who hasn’t spilled a bit of coffee or muffin on themselves while driving to work in the morning? Napkleen disposable adult bibs are a great way to prevent this from becoming a morning headache. For family vacations, mom and dad have packed enough clothing for their youngsters to last just the exact amount of days the vacation will last. (because nobody wants to pack an extra suitcase these days with the extra cost of checked baggage!) So the carefully calculations of how many shirts to bring can quickly go awry when the ketchup oozes out of a hamburger right onto little Johnny or Susie’s shirt. Napkleen disposable adult bibs are super handy for younger kids who are notorious food spillage machines. 

The bottom line is that Napkleen disposable adult bibs are a useful tool for all sorts of people, situations and times. Wearing a bib does not have to be embarrassing for teens and adults. Napkleen disposable adult bibs- like wearing nothing at all.