The Best Kept Secrets Of Tiles Cleaning At Home


Tiles are the most suitable and best choice for kitchens and bathrooms flooring as well as walls. But it requires proper maintenance and tiles cleaningto keep it in better condition. For this, deep cleaning, as well as professional cleaning, is necessary with the help of professional tips and techniques. Moreover, you should know about the type of tiles and grout colour before choosing any cleaning pattern for the tiles.

For this, we will brief a few best kept secret cleaning hacks as well as techniques that will help to clean the tiles within minimum time and effort. On the other hand, you can apply these cleaning tiles hacks on both ceramic as well as porcelain tiles.

Moreover, don’t clean the tiles by using hard chemicals and bleaches. Because these products will crack or damage the grout as well as tiles. On the other hand, you don’t need to use these chemicals when you can get the deep cleaning results through natural ingredients. These ingredients will help to remove the stains as well as soap scums on the tiles without any damage or crack.

Regular Cleaning Will Help To Clean Tiles:

No doubt, most of the tiles don’t require hard maintenance and cleaning. But regular vtiles cleaning is necessary to keep the floor clean and free from dirt and dust. It will help to remove all the loose dirt, dust and soft stains.

For this, you can simply sweep or vacuum tiles with the help of mop. The mopping will help to remove the stuck stains and dirt even after sweeping. Because it will hard to remove the stick dirt and dust on the floor with the help of sweeping.

  • Sweep or mop the floor regularly.
  • Dry the floor completely after mopping.
  • Use a soft cloth or mild cleaning solutions for all types of tiles especially natural stones and slate tiles.

Use Warm Water For Mopping:

Even if the floor is not stained or dirty, mopping will help to get rid of all the residue on the floor. Because mopping with a simple wet cloth is the best kept secret to clean the tiles and floor within minimum time and effort. Use freshwater or warm water for cleaning tileswith the help of a mopping cloth. To clean the tiles with the help of mopping, you can dip the mopping cloth into dish wash liquid soap for better cleaning results. On the other hand, you can simply clean the tiles floor with the help of dry mop.

Remove Stains On The Floor Promptly:

In the case of any stain and spill on the floor, you need to remove it instantly with the help of mop or vacuum. Otherwise, it will stick on the tiles and hard to remove. Moreover, spills on tiles will cause numbers of germs and bacteria on it that lead to various health conditions and issues. Therefore, it’s better to remove it as soon as possible to save the tiles as well as the floor.

Dry The Floor After Cleaning:

It’s necessary to dry the floor appropriately after cleaning or mopping. Because the wet floor is more prone to dirt and dust as compared to the dry floor. On the other hand, heavy foot traffic on wet floor will create spots and marks on it. Furthermore, it will damage the grout also by staining. So, dry the floor completely to while cleaning tiles to save the floor and yourself from all these annoying situations.

Use Vinegar With Water For Deep Cleaning:

Use vinegar and warm water solution to clean the dirty and filthy tiles. Moreover, vinegar will also help out to remove stains and spills on the tiles by offering deep cleaning results. If you are using the vinegar only for tiles then you can pour it on tiles directly. But not on the grout. Because vinegar has acidic properties and will damage the grout permanently. At that point, it will hard to restore the beauty and colour of grout.

That’s why it’s better to use a mild detergent or cleaning solution to clean the grout lines. Before using vinegar on tiles, wash out or rinse off the tiles appropriately. After that, pour the solution of warm water and vinegar on it. Use a soft scrubbing brush to scrub the tiles if necessary. After that, rinse off the floor with plain water and dry it appropriately.

While tiles cleaning, if you want to remove hard stains on the tiles then you can use the baking soda in combination with vinegar or water. If the stains are stubborn or hard then you can leave the paste of baking soda and vinegar on the tiles overnight. This solution will offer excellent cleaning results without any damage and discolouration of tiles.