How to Make Your Cosmetic Store Welcoming Again Post COVID-19?


Though cosmetic stores are now re-opening across the United States, many are finding it challenging to lure customers and drive their sales. With retail among the top sectors that are adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s an uphill task for owners to grow their businesses once again. With consumer confidence is at an all-time low and uncertain economic conditions are negatively affecting us all, the cosmetic industry has found itself in an entirely new environment. 

Despite these unprecedented conditions, cosmetic brands and stores are still making efforts to make a strong comeback. To aid them in overcoming this challenge, the Legacy Printing has charted out three straightforward ways to make cosmetic stores welcoming again. So they could encourage customers to return to stores again and bask into an excellent shopping experience. 

Use Floor Signs and Decals

To encourage social distancing, create a one-way system across your physical store. It will prove beneficial in reducing the threat of transmission. You can easily set up these systems by pasting floor signs and decals to guide the customers visiting your cosmetic store. The clear line of traffic will also make daily sanitization routines more simple for your staff members, who will know where to use disinfectants.  

But there is more to it than what meets the eye. Retail owners can also benefit from floor signs and decals when their customers will spread the positive word about their disinfectant policies. Besides using floor signs and decals, excellent customer service is another way to attract new customers to your cosmetic store. Even simple instructions like “follow me” can make shoppers feel welcoming.

Provide PPE and Face Masks to your Staff

The COVID-19 still poses a severe threat to all of us, and, understandably, your staff may feel uncomfortable or anxious when they are at work. To address this concern, cosmetic store owners must provide PPEs and face masks to them, so they could feel secure when serving the customers. You should also introduce intensive sanitization routines along with the protective gear to ensure they won’t extract or transmit infection.    

Though the situation many seem challenging, cosmetic store owners can encourage and support their staff members to focus on serving customers by giving them the right supplies. From installing protective equipment like glass walls to providing gloves, shields, and more, you can make your staff feel safer. Above all, your customers will instantly recognize that you care about maintaining a secure environment.

In case you are planning to give your store staff something special, then create custom face mask designs for them. It will demonstrate that your brand is going the extra mile to protect its staff from the virus. Plus, it will exude a sense of unity among the employees. The Uk Time

Introduce Custom Eyelash Boxes & Outdoor Pickup Services 

While many brick-and-mortar stores have adapted to the struggles of the pandemic, a high percentage of businesses are still struggling to operate during the crisis as they have to shut their operations during the lockdown period. 

And now that they are re-opened and once again welcoming customers, many patrons are still afraid to enter inside the physical stores. Rather than missing out on their purchases, cosmetic stores should cheer them by accepting their orders through telephone and websites. So whether you offer curbside pick-ups or ship your false eyelashes via mail, custom eyelash boxes can play a momentousrole in bridging the confidence gap caused by the outbreak.

With custom eyelash boxes, your cosmetic store can not only improve its perception but also make its false eyelashes more attractive. You can source a variety of custom eyelash box packaging from the Legacy Printing to prepare and sell your eyelashes for pick-up and shipping at unbelievable prices. So get ready to push your sales.