Educational Apps That Make Learning Fun For Kids

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With the current unprecedented situation still looming above our heads, school is almost absolutely out and not in a fun way. Children are spending a big chunk of their time glued to their mobile and tablet screens. Now it’s up to you to make that time educational, instead of recreational.

You can easily use the habit to your advantage and make sure that your kids get their dose of learning and development from their screen time. All you have to do is download a bunch of educational apps that we’re jotting down below and keep your kids busy:

Starfall ABCs

Starting with the basics, the first thing you want to teach your kids is the alphabet. Starfall ABCs is a free app that fulfills exactly that purpose and more. It helps your child understand letters, vowels, and words in an interactive way.

The app features colorful animation and engaging sounds. If you choose to go for the paid content of the app, you and your child can have access to other lessons such as basic math and social skills.

PBS Kids Game

This app is the answer to your kids’ obsession with their favorite TV shows. Moreover, it provides you a good way to monitor the content loop closely by making sure that your kids are only watching what you have approved on TV.

This free app has a variety of games based on the kids’ TV shows on PBS, whether it’s math, language, or general knowledge. A bonus is that this app has a library of all the episodes of these shows available to watch anytime and anywhere. This sounds like the TV App that you get with Spectrum Packages, doesn’t it?If you get services from Spectrum, you get various perks such as high-speed internet, an extraordinary channel lineup and impeccable Spectrum customer service.

BrainPOP Jr. Movie of the Week

BrainPOP Jr. has been a household name in teaching kids using educational videos of all sorts. From topics on the environment to George Washington, the list is endless and vast. The free version of the app lets you browse from a selected number of videos on social topics such as bullying, chores, etc.

In addition, you get access to Movie of The Week with quizzes at the end to help with your child’s learning. The paid version gives you access to the entire video library of BrainPOP on every topic and subject.

Toca Hair Salon 3

This one is for the creative little ones in your home. The sooner kids learn about the various forms of art, the better. Hairstyling on Toca Hair Salon is the best way to keep yourchild’s creativity flowing in the form of colorful hair styling.

Kids get to cut, style, color, braid, shave, straighten, and curl hair in every way that they can imagine. The best part about this app is that it is a complete sandbox with no rules. Kids are encouraged to use the best of their imagination to bring out the result they want in the form of the best hairstyle.

Lightbot: Code Hour

This app is the very basic introduction that your child needs if they want to develop an interest in coding. The app introduces  concepts and idea of coding by using its character Lightbot, who has to be guided through certain areas using functions similar to codes.

So technically, your kids learn the concept and logic of coding without actually coding. Coding can be frustrating for anyone who tries it the first time. This app is the best way to make those first confusing steps of coding fun.

All Things Summed

During these unprecedented times, millions of educational apps out there can allow your kids to stay in touch with learning. The aforementioned ones are just a few of them. Download them to your kids’ tablets and let the learning begin!