5 reasons why VR tour never works out the way you wanted


One of the best-advanced technologies that have become accessible to the public recently is virtual reality. Virtual reality deals with the creation of a digital world that users can explore as if they are experiencing it in real life. The most common and successful virtual reality product is the VR tour.

As a digital replica of an existing place, a 3D virtual tour is able to attract not only travelers but also customers who have the ability to make purchases only. Furthermore, a VR tour is an interactive website content that encourages meaningful engagement and helps in effective decision-making. However, not everyone is able to use or integrate a 3D virtual tour effectively in their websites. In this article, we will discuss 5 reasons why a VR tour never works out the way you wanted.

Reason #1 – Lack of photography experience

One of the common reasons why a 3D virtual tour fails is the images used for it. A VR tour needs to have a high-quality image to be able to achieve the digital world experience. It is also taken in a panoramic type of image to achieve that 360 degrees illusion. Thus, a poorly-taken photo will not serve the purpose of the 3D virtual tour. This is constantly manifested with people who lack the photography experience. If you are planning to create your own VR tour, it is a must that you know the photography techniques needed for virtual tours.

Reason #2 – Not using the right photography equipment

Aside from photography skills, you need the right equipment to be able to capture top-quality photos for the 3D virtual tour. It is important that the camera that you will use will generate high-resolution images that will not pixelate when zoomed in. Furthermore, other photography equipment is also needed to take that realistic and impressive VR tour shots.

Apart from the camera, a tripod is needed to ensure that photos are taken steadily. Some 3D virtual tour creators used remote-controlled cameras so they will not get caught in the shot thus creating a more natural and neat picture. If you are not using such equipment to create your VR tour, it is likely that you won’t get top-quality shots.

Reason #3 – Don’t know photo editing

Photography skills and apparatus are not the only factors that make a high-quality image for the 3D virtual tour. Photo editing skills are indeed vital in this process. No matter how good your photography skills are, pictures will never be 100% perfect. Even if you get good photos, you know well that it can look even better with a few adjustments. That is why if you want top-quality photos for your VR tour, what you need is editing skills. You need to know how to use photo editing software applications and how to make the necessary photo adjustments. If you used unedited photos for the 3D virtual tour, you will get an unnatural virtual reality experience.

Reason #4 – Unfamiliar with 3D virtual tour platforms

Another mistake that people make when making a VR tour is not practicing. Although most 3D virtual tour platforms are user-friendly, mistakes can occur if you are not familiar with them. That is why if you created a VR tour without prior experience, you won’t get the results you want. Thus, it is recommended that you practice creating virtual tours until you are able to master it.

Furthermore, it is a must that you know what 3D virtual tour platform will work best for the type of VR tour project that you will do. Each 3D virtual tour platform has its set of features depending on how complicated the VR tour project is. Thus, you must test out these platforms to know which one is the most capable of achieving the type of 3D virtual tour you want.

Reason #5 – Not hiring a VR tour expert

If you don’t have the time to learn photography and photo editing, that is alright as long as you can hire a 3D virtual tour creator to do the project for you. This is recommended as well if you find yourself unable to achieve the VR tour result that you want. If you want a top-quality 3D virtual tour that will stand out from the rest, not hiring a VR tour expert will not get you to achieve that. Thus, hire a more experienced professional to create a 3D virtual tour for your website.

If you think hiring a VR tour expert is the best option for you, a good suggestion would be to inquire with the company who offers a wide range of services in digital marketing and virtual tour creation.