What are the Best Ways to Download YouTube Videos on iOS and Android?


Well, YouTube is a fantastic platform that offers free video services all around the world. YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world after Google, and people use it to watch their favorite videos.

YouTube is an excellent platform, but it doesn’t let you download the videos on your local devices. Ever wish you could watch YouTube videos when you are not in the network or area where the connection is faulty. Anyone can download the videos using some fantastic tools we will mention in this blog.

Keeping your videos on your mobile is a mind-boggling idea when you don’t have data allowance for the day. It gets frustrating when you exhaust your data limit for the day, as most of us live online these days. You wouldn’t want to pay additional money for a small amount of data. So, you get your favorite videos when you are on a wi-fi network and watch them when you are not on it.

It is quite easy for you to download YouTube videos on both iOS and Android devices. It would be best if you had a safe down loader that allows you to download YouTube videos and don’t force you to install some bloatware along with it.

Let’s get started.

We will look at how to download YouTube videos using some third-party tools.

Best Ways to Download YouTube Videos on Android and iOS Devices

These days we are spoilt for the options as there are many options available for different things. Similar to YouTube downloader for Android and iOS, you have so many options. But we’ve picked the best options that protect your privacy from the third party tracker apps.

It would be best if you had a downloader that doesn’t contain malware or any other hidden piece of code. It would be best if you had something simple that works on all occasions and secured for the use on Android or iOS devices.

Use the YouTube App – Yes, you can use the official YouTube app to save your videos for later. Once you download your videos using that option, you will be able to play that video in the YouTube app without any hassle. But there is a restriction, and this service is not available for all videos available on the platform. If the creator has disabled this feature from their YouTube channel, you will not get the option to download the video.

Here is how you can use the official YouTube app.

  • Open the App on an Android or iOS device and find the video you want to download to your phone.
  • Then, you will see the Download button in the context menu under the video.
  • Click on that button and select the resolution you want to download to.

This way, you can download the YouTube video on your Android or iOS device without any hitch. Since you are downloading the video through the official app, there is no need to worry about the security. And one more thing, the downloaded video will only be played within the YouTube app. You can open the app and then navigate to your profile section and click on the Downloaded link to open the downloaded videos. 

Download through the YouTube URL

There are many online YouTube downloader tools available online that you can use to download YouTube videos. This will work on both iOS and Android devices, open the 9xbuddy on your browser and enter the YouTube video URL into the search box.

You can get the YouTube video URL by opening the video in the app and then click on the Share button to get the URL. Now, you enter that URL in the search box and click on the Download button. Now, select the resolution for the file and click on the link to download.

9xbuddy is an excellent website that allows you to download videos from YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and Dailymotion, etc. They have a friendly interface and provide a unique structure of links when you click on the download button.

Download through Third-Party App

Many apps are available on the app store and play store for users to download. But most of these apps are filled with ads and other third-party trackers that you don’t need in your life. One app that is decent enough for us to use is TubeMate.

TubeMate is a third-party app that also has a web version of their downloader, but you can install the TubeMate app to download YouTube free videos without any hassle. TubeMate is available for both Android and iOS. Here are the steps to download videos using TubeMate.

  • Download TubeMate on your device and install it
  • Now, open the video you want to download from YouTube and then tap on the download icon.
  • Then, you need to select the quality of the video you want to download and then tap on the red download button.

After the download is finished, you will be able to see in the download tab. This tool is not available on either of the stores; you would need to download it from the official website.


So, there are many ways for you to download YouTube videos on your devices, but the best option is by using the Getassist.net website.